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Club Temple & Little Temple Bar (was Pinocchio before)
Seifertova 3, 13000 Praha 3, Zizkov
Phone: 222710773
Email: See Website
Web: Visit this link
(Tram 5/9/26 Husinecka stop, Night tram 55/58 Husinecka stop, 5 min walk from Metro C Hlavni Nadrazi)
Gay, Bar, Dance Club, Shows, Rent Boys
Club Temple is the new name for Pinocchio since end of October 2007. The club is downstairs. Little Temple Bar (Monty bar was located here until January 2011) is a small cozy bar upstairs. For those looking for male escorts. Disco with boys every day. Fridays and Saturdays at 11 pm shows.
For many years Pinocchio was one of Prague's most knows bars for rent boys and their clients. There have been times in the history of Pinocchio when it was not a safe place and when the police raided the place regulary. The owner of Pinocchio changed in April 2007. Joe, the new owner (who moved from Los Angeles to Prague) told GayGuide.Net in August 2007: 'I cleaned the place up. It is a good atmosphere now. Some people compare it to a normal gay bar, with the rentboys. We have not had a police raid for over a year. I watch all the boys and I am very anti-drug. As far as price for the boys I do not get involved with all of that. I separate that part of the business. The boys do their thing, and I do mine. The boys do not pressure the customers for sex or money like before. Customers are made to feel at home.'
Club Temple daily 8 pm until 4 am; Little Temple Bar 12 noon until 10 pm (checked October 2011)
Entrance fee: Fridays & Saturdays 50 CZK will be added to the bill, No minimum consumption.

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  • On request of the new owner we removed old comments written before April 2007.
  • Tom wrote in May 2007: Pinochios has been recently renovated, very nice, awesome little lounge in the back, some cute boys, some not so cute. The thing with Prague rent boys is a lot are straight, so the sex can be somewhat limited and inhibited. The place can be fun, after cover charge, buying myself and some boys drinks I usually spend less than $50 US (in crowns 1000) and enjoy myself. The boys always try for 6000 crowns ($300 us) which is ridiculous, at most they should be asking 2000 to 3000 ($100 to $150). I dont find it dangerous or unfriendly, in fact the bar staff are usually very friendly and the cab service is inexpensive and reasonable.
  • David wrote in June 2007: Remains the best rent-boy bar in Prague. However, when we visited it three times over a three-week period, we found it much quieter than in previous years. Perhaps as a result, rental rates came down to 1000 CZK, versus 1500 CZK in previous years (real rate, not the asking price).
  • Nick wrote in June 2007: I do not recognise the club I know from the comments left by your subscribers. I have been visiting this club since 1998 and I have never had a bad experience, the staff went through a period of anti everybody but that was about 3 years ago. Visited this week June 2007, the place has had a makeover from the new US owner, the boys are cute (pity so many seem to be on something most of the time), the staff are polite (especially the door man who has been there years) and I have never been riped off by the prices. I would actually say that if you are new to Praha into boys (for pay) and like a straight forward approach to the gay sex industry in Praha, then this is the club to start at. The thing to remember is this is not your neighbourhood bar/pub it is what is is a pickup joint for boys, but also you can just go there and admire the scenery and wow! what scenery.
  • Matt wrote in August 2007: Visited here this week, end of July 2007, with my friend Antonio. We met some really cool young guys, the doorman and staff were really very friendly. You have to stay for the strip and oil shows, these guys are hot, highly recommended.
  • Bernard wrote in November 2007: i visited your club yesterday. The defile of underwear was a good idea. The customers dont look like so stupid. The boys are nice. The music was not fantastic.
  • Greg wrote in December 2007: I visited Pinocchios about 7 times in a two week period in October/November 2007. It was fantastic. Drinks reasonably priced, friendly staff and some very nice boys to talk to and to buy drinks for. The services of such a boy ranged from 3500 to 5000 Czech crowns and on all 7 or 8 occasions, the money was well spent. As a previous comment noted, it is however important to agree on everything before you leave the club. The only complaint that I would have about the club is that the seating is not very comfortable. The cavern type theme to the decor, extends to the seating also being a bit rock like and it doesn't really need to be. Go to Pinocchios as it was called. If you are reading this comment then I am sure your are of a similar mind and therefore, would be sure that you will have a good time.
  • Gregoy wrote in December 2007: I have visited this place since 2000 when it was known a Pinnochios. When my friend and I arrived there from The Midwestern USA We were in Seventh Heaven. It was wild! At that time boys as young as 15 were there, stripping, and all available! It is my understanding that there was a police crackdown shortly thereafter and the gay scene in general got cleaned up. Next time we came the club was much more subdued but still had what the club is all about - Rent Boys. It takes a little practice and willpower to negotiate but we never had a problem. On my most recent visit in November of 2007, the club has changed it's name and remodeled. It was more lively, had strippers, and more relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Temple Club is strictly about Rent Boys. They all ask at least twice what they are willing to go for and depends on your negotiating skills what you get. Word of advice: If you are there and there are 30 boys and 10 customers, if the first one doesn't meet your terms. Well its the law of supply and demand. The going rate in the off season was between 1500 and 2000 CZ. For what it's worth -the younger, cuter they are the more they ask and they usually are not that great in providing the services negotiated. A little older straight boy has always worked out much better for my experience.
  • KJ wrote in February 2008: Been going regular and off again next week. Qhat a great place relaxing and easy. Like commented the lads are there if you want them and if not then its fine, after 12 it does go quiet in the meed week. So if you are after a lad then go early. The food is very nice and varied, drinks are reasonable, and the staff are brilliant, at bar and door.
  • Peter & Stephan wrote in August 2008: Me and my friend visited Pinoccio in Juli 2007 for the third time. We found a big differece from before. The new manager Joe was very nice and friendly. Speaking with the guests and the boys, joking and dancing. We really like this club. The boys are very cute and nice, and prices ok. We really like to recommend this club, and the new owner.
  • Michael wrote in November 2008: Visited December 2007. Joe has done an excellent job with renovation and the boys have a renewed and great attitude. No pressures. Just fun. The holiday activities (food, shows) where fun and a very nice touch especially for the boys! I am going back again in two weeks and look forward to it!
  • James wrote in August 2009: I visited the Temple this past Friday night. It was primarily a local older crowd. The few rent bois that were in attendance seemed to mainly be interested in their local clients. The 11 pm show consisted of one dancer who stripped over the course of three songs. Then the show was over.
  • Peter wrote in September 2009: Visited August 2009. I was there this summer, only in the weekends it was busy. I come in Temple 2-3 times in year. There were some new young boys, but most of them were old crew. One boy was great, young 18 years good looking, nice dick, it would be better, when there were more boys like him!
  • Vabre wrote in June 2010: I visited a year ago. Some boys are really artist. The owner seems to be a gentleman like the one i met in pimlico in london (capital). George, Dave, sexy boy Mustapha. Deserve more, really more. The owner is straight about drugs and makes a correct work. The boys have their chance. He is a friend of Richards in Bangkok.
  • David wrote in June 2010: I visited Temple Club many times from 1-13 June 2010. All of us found it not as busy as in previous years - both with clients and with rent boys. Week days could be quiet, but weekends were busy and festive. The going rate is between 1000 CzK and 1500 CzK (with sometimes higher asking prices), with only the real beauties obtaining the top price. The supply-demand curve is in favor of clients. The serious economic problems in the EU and the serious recession in the USA have dampened travel to Praha. I am told that a number of rent boys go to Monty instead to Temple, as they dislike having to stay at Temple until 1:30 am, even if there are only a few clients there. This was mentioned to me by many clients. Temple's in-house taxi service is a plus, particularly if a client is departing with a rent boy. However, the 150 CzK charge (US $7.50) to travel by taxi to Valentinos (very close to my flat) is more than I care to pay. The night tram stops nearby.
  • Mark wrote in July 2011: Unfortunately over the years Temple gets worse and worse and worse. The owner Joe has worked hard to create a good environment but the rentboy scene in Prague is such that the boys insist on a minimum of at least 2000 Kc for 1 hour of sucking only. The club is empty until 10PM and most of the rentboys have been there for 2, 3 or even 5 years. Monty's upstairs, which used to be a haven for new boys, is now closed by 10PM with the same tired expensive boys as downstairs. Unfortunately Prague has gone the way of Amsterdam, it's almost no longer a place to find rentboys.
  • Jonas wrote in July 2011: 'Little Temple Bar' is the former Monty. It have now been open again by the same owner as Temple bar. The crowd are mainly the same as it was in Monty, escorts and older guys. But new staff. Nice place to chill out before going to clubs or Temple.
  • Mark wrote in July 2011: Visited July 2011. Unfortunately over the years Temple gets worse and worse and worse. The owner Joe has worked hard to create a good environment but the rentboy scene in Prague is such that the boys insist on a minimum of at least 2000 CZK for 1 hour of sucking only. The club is empty until 10pm and most of the rentboys have been there for 2, 3 or even 5 years. The bar upstairs, which used to be a haven for new boys, is now closed by 10pm with the same tired expensive boys as downstairs. Unfortunately Prague has gone the way of Amsterdam, it's almost no longer a place to find rentboys.
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