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Ceska Republika (the Czech Republic)
Population: 10,298,324 (July 1997), whereof 1,200,400 in Prague (1997)
Initials: CZ
Capital: Praha
Area: 78 864 sq. km (30 450 sq miles), whereof 497 sq. km Prague
Bordering Countries: Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Austria
Time: CET / GMT +1
Electricity: 230 Volts / 50 Hz
Video System: PAL
International Access Code: 00
International Country Code: +420, Prague: All landline phone numbers start with '2'. Cellphones: +420601 & +420602 & +420603 & +420604 & +420606 & +420607 & +420723 & +420724
Language: Czech
Currency: Czech Crowns - Cesky Koruna - CZK. Euro not earlier than 2007. Exchange rates
GDP per head: Ca. 3600 USD per person per year
Inflation: 13 percent
Major industries: fuels, ferrous metallurgy, machinery and equipment, coal, motor vehicles, glass, armaments.
Religion: Atheist 39.8 percent, Roman Catholic 39.2 percent, Protestant 4.6 percent, Orthodox 3 percent, other 13.4 percent
Ethnic groups: Czech 94.4 percent, Slovak 3 percent, Polish 0.6 percent, German 0.5 percent, Gypsy 0.3 percent, Hungarian 0.2 percent, other 1 percent
Climate: continental, hot summers, cold winters
Continental climate, See the todays Weather Forecast links in our linklist!

The average temperature in Prague is:

Month JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec
Temperature [C] 2381419222524201383
Temperature [F] 363746586672757368554637
Rainfall [mm] 202025406070655540252520
Humidity [%] 706357494948514957637881
During the winter GMT +1 hours. During daylight saving time from last weekend in March until last weekend in October GMT +2 hours.
Czech Republic is European Union Member since 2004 May 1st, but that does NOT mean that Euro is used. It will take a few years until there will be an referendum about the Euro in Czech Republic and only if the majority is voting for it the Euro will come. United Kingdom and Sweden are EU members, but voted against the Euro and will keep the local currency.


Convert from

Banks (open from 8 a.m. til 5 p.m.) offer a better rate than Exchange offices. You'll get the best rates if you use cards with ATM's. Never change money on the street!

Credit cards

Visa, En Route, JCB, American Express, Euro/Mastercard and Diners Club are mostly accepted. Emergency for lost credit cards in Prague: Visa & Diners Club 224125353; MasterCard 224423135; American Express 224219992.

Accepted by several banks up to a maximum of 6.500 CZK per check. Up to 3 checks per day. At ATM's the maximum is 30.000 CZK per day.

ATM Locator

Bank accounts for foreign currencies
Komercní Banka and some others have no minimum deposit - foreign currency accounts are also available.
National Holidays
  • 1. January New Year
  • 6. January National Holiday
  • Easter Monday
  • 1. May Labour Day
  • 8. May Day of Liberation ffrom Fascism
  • 5. July St. Cyril and St Methodius
  • 6. July Jan Hus Day (1415)
  • 28. Oct. Independence Day (Czechoslovakia)
  • 24. & 25. December Xmas
  • 26. December Boxer Day
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