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Low cost airlines operating in Prague are Smartwings,; Easyjet; BMI Baby; Germanwings,; Norwegian Airlines,; Jet2,; Air Lingus,; Air Baltic,; Brussels Airlines,; Cimber Air,

We have updated the following list, called every number and verified every address. If you know about any changes please email us and let us know. Thanks a lot !
  • Letiste Ruzyne Airport Information Phone 220111111 & 220113321 & 220113314
  • Aeroflot, Truhlarska 5, Praha 1, Phone downtown: 224812682
  • Air Algerie, Zitná 23, Praha 1, Phone downtown 222231614
  • Air Canada, Kozi 3, Praha 1, Phone downtown 224810181
  • Air France, Václavské náméstí 57, Praha 1, Phone downtown 224227164, 221662679, Phone airport 220113737
  • Air India, Václavské náméstí 15, Praha 1, Phone downtown 224212474
  • Air Special, No office in the center, Phone airport 220112400
  • Alitalia, Na prikopé 13, Praha 1, Phone downtown 224194150, Phone airport 220114504
  • American Airlinies, Václavské náméstí 36, Praha 1, Phone downtown 296236672/3
  • Austrian Airlines, Airport Prague, Praha 6 , Phone 227 231 231, Phone airport 224281043
  • Balkan Bulgarian Airlines, No office in the center, Phone airport 220114563
  • British Airways, Ovocný trh 8, Praha 1, Phone downtown 222 114444, Phone airport 220114421
  • China Airlines, Kaprová 13, Praha 1, Phone
  • Cross Air, Parízská 11, Praha 1, Phone downtown 224 812111
  • Czech Airlines  CSA, V celnici 5, Praha 1, Phone downtown 220104111, 220 104310, 220104620, Phone airport 220111111
  • Delta Airlines, Národní 32 (Entrance around the corner), Praha 1, Phone downtown 224946733, No airport office
  • El Al Israel Airlines, Václavské náméstí 33, Praha 1, Phone downtown 224226624, Phone airport 220562595
  • Eurowings, No office in the center, Phone airport 220610744
  • Finnair, Spanielská 2, Praha 2, Phone downtown 224211986
  • J.A.T., Zitná 49, Praha 1, Phone downtown 224942655
  • KLM, Na prikopé 13,Praha 1, Phone downtown 233090933, Phone airport 220114148
  • Lot Polish Airlines, Parízská 11, Praha 1, Phone downtown
  • Lufthansa, downtown branch @ Travel Plus, Na prikopé 24, Praha 1, Phone 224228849, Phone airport 220114456
  • Málev, Parízská 5, Praha 1, Phone downtown 224812671, 224812700, Phone airport 220114487
  • Pan American Airways, Parízská 11, Praha 1, Phone downtown 224812123
  • Quantas, Ovocný trh 8, Praha 1, Phone downtown 222114444, Phone airport 220114421
  • Sabena, Parízská 11, Praha 1, Phone downtown 22481 2111, Phone airport 220114323
  • SAS, downtown branch @ Travel Plus, Na prikopé 24, Praha 1, Phone 224228849, Phone airport 220114456
  • Swiss, Parízská 11, Praha 1, Phone downtown 224 812111, Phone airport 220114323
  • Tunis Air, Nekázanka 20, Praha 1, Phone downtown 224237448
  • Closed their Prague branch: Adria Airways, Air Baltic, Air Columbus, Air Ostrava, Air Ukraine, American Airlines, Bemoair, British Midland Airways, Czech Air Prague, Egretta, Georgian Airlines, Iraqi Airlines, Kuwait Airlines, Skoda Air, Slovair, Syrianair, Tatra Air.
Entry & Visa & Custom
Since 2004 May 1st Australian and Canadian citizens do not need a visa for a 30 days tourist stay anymote!

Please contact the Czech Embassy in your country to make sure, that you are informed about any visa requirements that apply for your citizenship. If you are passing other countries on your way to the Czech Republic (e.g. if you travel by train) make sure to inform yourself about these countries too. The following are the regulation so far we know, but we can't guarantee it.
A new law on foreigners residence in the Czech Republic and visa requirements came into effect on January 1, 2000. Beginning this year applications for short-term, long-term, and permanent residence visas must be filed through Czech Embassies and consulates outside the Czech Republic.

Visitors from a number of countries do not need a visa for a tourist/business visit to the Czech Republic for a limited period of time (see limits to stay in the country without visa for your country below). If you wish to stay in the country over that limit and up to 30/90/180 days there are two options:

a) you can apply for exit visa (vyjezdni vizum) with the Foreigners' Police in the Czech Republic no later than three days before your limited stay in the country without visa expires ; exit visa allows you to stay in the country for up to 90 days including previous stay in the country;

b) you can apply for a short-term visa for up to 90 days at a Czech Embassy or consulate before arriving to the Czech Republic. (Warning: visa application processing may take up to 90-120 days).

Foreigners' Police Office, Olsanska 2, Praha 3, 130 00.

If you wish to stay in the country longer than 30 (or 90 or 180) days, you must apply for a long-term visa over 90 days which allows you to stay in the country for up to one year and is also required for purposes of working or studying in the Czech Republic for longer than 90 days. You must apply for this visa at a Czech Embassy or consulate. (Note: This may be done through ANY Czech Embassy or consulate around the world, i.e. not only in your home country).

Renewals of visa over 90 days are handled by the Foreigners' Police office. The Act on Residence of Aliens in the Territory of the Czech Republic can be found in English at:

Tourists and visitors from the following countries may visit the Czech Republic without a visa for a limited period of time. All other requirements apply to them as above.

Up to 30 days: Australia Belarus Bulgaria Canada Cuba Cyprus Russia Romania Singapore U.S.A United Nations passport holders

Up to 90 days: Andorra Austria Belgium Chile Croatia Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Israel Italy Japan Korea Latvia Lichtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Malaysia Malta Monaco Netherlands New Zealand Norway Poland Portugal San Marino Spain Sweden Switzerland Vatican

Up to 180 days: Kazakstan Kyrgyzstan Turkmenistan Moldova Slovakia Ukraine United Kingdom

For more detailed information about visa applications, see the English version of the new residence law at, the side bar has a link for the text in English or German. In order to apply for a visa contact the nearest Czech Embassy or consulate..

For questions on custom issues call 224221905 or 224816265 or 224816487 or 220113529 or 220113350 in Prague.
Airport Transfer
Choose between these options
  • A local bus 119 (To/From the Dejvicka Metro stop, the last stop on the green A line daily between 4:27 a.m. and 11.40 p.m.; it takes 21 minutes). If you go from the center to the airport make sure, that you not get out before the very last stop. The first buildings with the airport signs are almost 2 miles from the international terminal. A single trip is 12 CZK per person.
  • A local bus 100 (To/From the Zlicin Metro stop, the last stop on the yellow B line. A single trip is 12 CZK per person.
  • Cedaz operates a 'Express Airport Bus' (Phone: 220114296) picks up passengers at the airport. Departure at Airport Prague between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. every 30 minutes. They'll bring you into the city's center to both the Namesti Republiky and Dejvicka metro stops. RETOUR: The Shuttle stop is close to the CSA-Building across the Marriott Hotel at Namesti Republiky and goes daily between 5:30 a.m. til 9:30 p.m. every 30 minutes via Metro stop Dejvicka (Metro A) to Letiste Ruzyne (Airport Prague). A single trip is 90 CZK per person.
  • Cedaz also operated 'Shuttle Vans', that cost 480 CZK for 1 to 4 persons and 960 CZK for 5 to 8 persions. The price is divided by the number of people, therefore if there was just 4 people it would cost 480 CZK divided by 4 so 120 CZK per person. If the bus is full (8 persons) then 120 CZK per person.
  • There isn't any other service than taxi service which stops exactly where people want to go. Taxis charge a flat rate per zone. Prague 1 is 650 CZK, Prague 2 is 720 CZK etc. But you should reconfirm the rate with the driver.
  • The gay operated GayGuide.Net Prague airport transfer service. See below.

Please ask at the Information desk at the Airport in the arrival hall for any further advice!
And if you want to check the train schedules we recommend the huge online database at - you'll find all schedules there - just type in the cities and press 'Search Connections'.

There are several trainstations in Prague: The maintrainstation "Hlavni nadrazi" is centrally located, but a lot of trains arrive also at the station "Holesovice". Both trainstations are connected by metro - in case you have to change trains thats just 3 stations. Another trainstation is "Masarykova" (mostly trains within the czech republic???). Info on train schedules: Phone 224224200. Or check it right here:

Search the database of the railway company for connections: ; their webpage is the German train corporation provides a online database for train schedules from, to and within the czech republic. Go .

The central bus station in Prague is located at Prague-Florenc, a squeare in the center and it is connected to the metrolines B & C - Florenc). Address is Na Florenc, 180 00 Praha 8 and you can get Info on bus schedules at Phone 1034, from Mon til Fri beteen 6 a.m. and 9 p.m.
Busses Trains & Busses long distance Trains long distance Busses long distance
The Prague Steamboat company harbor is located on the east bank north of the bridge Palackeho most near metro station Karlovo namesti (exit to Palackeho namesti). Only during the summer. For Info call Prazska paroplavba, Prague 2, Phone ?, Fax 224913862.
  • Keep right.
  • Use safety belts.
  • Highest speed is 90 km/hr outside of towns & villages, inside only 50 km/hr; at highways 130 km/hr ; Speeding fines: 500 CZK (payable on the spot).
  • No alcohol.
  • For driving on Motorways and Highways you need to buy a highway sticker (valid for a calendar year).
  • Emergency road service 154 & 123 in Prague; 0123 countrywide
  • Parking in the blue zones is reserved for residents only. Orange zones are limited to the maximum of 2 hours (at 10 CZK for each 15 minutes) and the Green Zones for up to 6 hours (10 CZK each 30 minutes). The most convenient downtown parking in Prague is at the garage of the departmentstore Kotva.
  • Gas/petrol (benzin) comes in both leaded and unleaded, called "natural". Both may come in 2 "flavors" as well: Super and Special. Diesel fuel is called "nafta" and is often served from different pumps for trucks/lorries and for passenger cars.
Left Luggage
Public left luggage facilities are located at ...
  • Train station Holesovice (Nadrazi Holesovice), 24 hours, 15 CZK per 15 kg per calendar-day.
  • Main station Hlavni nadrazi, 24 hours
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