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Gay Guide Budapest
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Outdoor Cruising
Since we started this Gay Guide website in 1998 some of the outdoor cruising areas are no longer cruisy (see list at the end of this page). Please sent us your comments if you visit any places in this list to let us and others know if it is still a cruising area. Thank you.
Other places for sex encounters are the gay saunas, the basement darkroom at Valentinos, the back area of Drakes, Alcatraz Club, the cinema at Heaven... (Did we forgot a place?)

Andel Shopping Center Bathrooms
  • Georg wrote in April 2009: The bathrooms in the shopping center in Andel are full of people jacking off and willing to help. You should join the fun if you like this stuff.
Podoli Bath Only during the summer at the nude sun bathing terrace and sauna. Some years ago there have been video cameras inside the changing rooms and the steam bath, but we don't know if they are still there.
  • Gertjan wrote in September 2008: Podoli Bath. Not recommended. I've been there in June, but there was nothing much going on. The steambaths are too small, and too hot, to get anything going on inside there. I couldn't find the sauna or the nude sun bathing terrace. Everything is in Czech only, and even the lady at the counter didn't understand too much English.
  • David wrote in October 2010: Podoli. I can't believe there is a camera in the steam room. It would mist up too much and render everything invisible. Lots of cute guys here and an exciting atmosphere. This swimming pool complex is one of the highlights of Prague. Here's an opportunity to experience the essence of this beautiful city rather than the circus of the Old Town area selling all that terrible souvenir rubbish which I wouldn't want to be given yet alone buy.
Strelecky Ostrov (Island below Most Legii)
  • Marcos wrote in August 2011: During August, around 20-23 hours, some great young Czech as well as horny tourists. Ages 25-40. Above all Saturday & Sunday.
Seberak Lake Nude bathing. Take the metro to Kacerov and a bus till Seberak. From the bus stop walk to the opposite side of the lake. There is a nude beach with some cruising. Only during the summer.
  • John wrote in February 2011: During the summer gay nude space. In the 1 meter high grass are singles and groups. Here the whole day is fucked. 200 meter away from Seberak lake is another lake. All around is cruising. In the small forest is up in night action. Sometimes heterosexual couples get where you want the women gang bang. Here from spring to early winter. Park your car on the road between two lakes.
Sarka Lake Nude bathing. Take the metro to Dejvicka and the tram 26 to the end station. Only during the summer.
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University for Economy Bathrooms.
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Have you visited this location? If so, tell us about it. Click here and let us know.

No Longer Existing
Main Railway Station (Hlavni Nadrazi): No cruising anymore. There was a big clear out and then a multi million Euro refurbishment started. The crusing used to be at the gallery above the ticket counters (the Fantova cafe) and outside the station by the benches.
  • Carlos wrote in January 2008: Me and two friends (we are all 40's) were in Prague for the New Year. We went to some gay places and the best was Valentino. Pinocchio was very bad indeed! Then we went to Hlavni Nadrazi just to take a look. We've heard about the stories and how dangerous it can be. There were not so many rent-boys and most of them seem to be gay-for-pay (and on drugs) and nothing more. We were about to leave when we met a guy in his thirties. Latin-look and appart from the others. We've decided to talk to him (it was not so late, about 8.30 pm) and... big surprise. He spoke good english and spanish, we had a nice talk and asked him if he would join us? He said yes, and we went to the Hotel. We've asked about the price and he said: 2000 crowns (total) because we were three. We've accepted and we had great time with him, even go on talking for a while. There are nice and bad people everywhere. We got luck. If you just go there there look after him, not difficult to find near the benches outside. Just ask what 'do' and 'don't' because he was very clear that he was bottom. Indeed, we had a great time, but it can be an exception in this area, of course. Anyway, it worth... We have a good memory from this guy who was really friendly.
Park Letna (Praha 7): No cruising anymore. Letna has been taken over by the skater boys. They are not gay, and can't be bought. There is too much going on up there for any cruising to take place. The crusing used to be at in the area near the 'Metronom' on the top and next to the Belvedere Palace. Cruising went on in the bushes on either side of the pavillion, near the Hanovsky Pavillion Restaurant.
  • John wrote in August 2010: I went to letna park twice late August 2010. Skaterboys are not for rent they are all mates and do not make themselves available for rent. Those in the bushes are old pot bellied guys or toothless stinking drug addicts. Forgrt it dont waste your time.
  • Peter wrote in June 2011: I visited this park in daytime between 13.00-17.00 in June 2011 and 3 times I had a nice contact with clean boy/man. I can not understand why they say, there is nothing to do there !?
  • Hannes wrote in July 2012: I visited this park several times at my last time. From 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. and it was never hard to find a stude to have sex with in this park. It's not crowded, but easy!

Have you visited this location? If so, tell us about it. Click here and let us know.

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