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Gay Guide Budapest
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Laws in Czech Republic
Homosexuality has been decriminalized in 1961. Laws against homosexual relations have been repealed in 1990. The Czech parliament overrode the veto of the Czech president and voted into law the domestic partnership law in May 2006. Gays and lesbians now have all the rights as heterosexuals, including to marry, except that they cannot adopt children.
The legal minimum age of consent (for heterosexual and homosexual relations alike) is 15 years (if no money is involved). Additionally it is an offence to expose a minor  (under 18) to the "danger of depravation" by enabling him an "idle or indecent life" or by seducing him into such a life (Art. 217 CC; two years jail). According to the case-law the "danger of depravation" must be the result of an intensive longer-lasting behaviour by the perpetrator causing in the youth habits, preferences and interests leading to his moral decline and to his inability to lead an independant life.
Prositution and promotion of prositution is legal, if the prostitute is at least 18 years old.
Homosexuality is considered a taboo by the majority of the population. Prague is a liberal city where many gay Czechs choose to live.
There are no laws concerning tourists with HIV/AIDS.
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