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Gay and Lesbian Film Festival Mezipatra
Event in Brno and Prague
Mezipatra STUD Brno, Smejkalova 75, 616 00 Brno
Phone: ?
Email: See Website
Web: Visit this link
Event, Gay, Lesbian
The Czech Gay and Lesbian Film Festival Mezipatra is held annually in Prague and Brno (the second largest city of the Czech Republic). Organizer is the STUD association in Brno (see our Brno listings).
The first two years 2000 and 2001 were held under the name Duha nad Brnem (The Rainbow over Brno). Since 2002 the festival has been entitled Mezipatra (Between the Storeys). The name not only alludes to the places where people run into each other but epitomises the modern world which is the meeting point of many different cultures, lifestyles and life stages.
The next (15th) festival will be from in November 2014 in both, Brno and Prague.
Brno: November 2014; Prague: November 2014.
Entrance fees: ?

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Gay Pride Prague 2012
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Email: -
Event, Gay, Lesbian
The very first Gay Pride Prague took place in August 2011, finally!. And most probably there will be a second Gay Pride in August 2012. We will publish details here.

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  • Jan wrote in October 2011: Prague Gay Pride 2011. August 2011. This week has been one of the best weeks in my life. I wasn't there from the beginning (Wednesday). I arrived in Prague Friday afternoon. The first thing we did was the Oh My Gay Party. We did the whole program so we started with the party boat. This was one of the most fun things I ever did. We went on the boat and sailed down the Vltava river. Beautiful views from the boat. Great music on the boat and an even greater crowd. After the boat, we went to the 'real' OMG party. Also very very nice. Really recommendable (although I don't think this is only there when there's gay pride. This was, however, the Pride edition). Note: We bought VIP tickets. There were no real advantages (exept for the empty VIP rooms) so I should buy the cheaper normal ticket. The next day was Saturday. Pride day. At first, we didn't dare to go because of the 'haters'. Neo-nazis and other gay haters planned a demonstration right beside the route of the Gay pride. After a while, however, we did join the pride. No regrets. It was awesome to be part of something like this. It's very different than other Pride's I've been like in Amsterdam. This Pride was more like a 'demonstration'. Note: The 'haters' were safe behind the police. The pride ended at an Island. There were held great concerts. Famous Czech artist (I suppose, never heard of them) mostly but they were really nice. Great ambiance, great crowd (again). The night ended with the OMG afterparty. Also very very nice. Overall, I would recommend this Pride. Not only to have a great time. But also because it's for a really good cause. I always considered Prague as one of the most friendly gay destinations. Behind that 'facade' however, there's a less gay friendly 'base'. To held a Pride and to be part of it is really necessary.
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