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Gay Guide Budapest
Drakes   previous  |  next  
Zborovska 50 (corner of Petrinska), 15000 Praha 5, Smichov
Phone: 2 57 32 68 28
Email: See Website
Web: Visit this link
(Metro Andel, Tram 6/22/23/ to Ujezd stop; Night tram 57/58 to Ujezd stop and 300 meters walk, corner of Petrinska)
Gay, Bar, Backroom/Darkroom, Video, Rent Boys, Shows, Sexshop
Entering the place there are videotapes for sale, a bar, some tables and a stage. 750 squaresmeter on 2 floors. Daily strip shows. If you turn right you'll find 40 booths with videoscreenings. A stairway goes to the cellar, having some more boothes and glory holes. Crusing labyrinth, sex shop, sling, cage and leather dungeon. No free buffet on Sundays anymore.
Non-stop 0-24 Uhr
Entrance ticket 200 CZK (valid 24 hours) or 1000 CZK (valid 7 days), No minimum consumption

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  • Comment by James who visited in August 2005: It is the scariest place I have ever visited. It is like something from the 70's or 80's in New York/San Francisco. And even after I read the description of the place in the Gay Guide, it didn't prepare me for the place when we got there. Firstly, the barman was friendly enough and explained the entrance fee and what it included. It was easy enough to find. There is porn on the tv's in the bar, which is fine, but the big sign which says 'Glory Holes, Cinema, Video Kabins, Darkroom' was a little off putting. I am glad I went with my boyfriend or I dont know what might have happened. The most worrying part was when the cleaner came up from the darkroom with a huge handfull of used tissues. If you are used to this sort of thing, then I doubt you would be fazed. This is not for the faint of heart.
  • Comment by Tom, who visited in January 2006: The comments from James as are wrong. This was the friendliest and best place I visited in Prague. There are now terrific live shows every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The place has been newly upgraded, staff were great, so where other customers. Video cabins and dungeon are real exciting and not scarry at all. I would suggest if you visit one place in Prague that you make it Drakes.
  • Comment by Billy who visited in February 2006: Anyone visiting this club should not fear anything. It appeals to a certain corner of the gay market who prefer sex anonomously, like to pay for sex with a good looking guy or simply have a drink and watch porn. The choice is yours. You are issued with a 24 hour ticket which can be useful. When I was there last, there was a show downstairs in the cage where 2 muscular guys stripped off and if you fed them money you could feel parts of their body. How much depended on you. I find it difficult to take onboard the naivity of people especially if you are gay. The internet is informative and anyone visiting this club should prepare themselves. Nothing about it is shocking. If you are approached by a hustler engage in conversation if you want to. If a massage is suggested simply say No unless you want it of course.
  • Comment by John, who visited in February 2006: They do not have daily strip shows and they no longer have an escort/rentboy service. In fact the last few times I have been in recently there is absolutely nothing happening. This bar used to be great but it is now very boring.
  • Comment by Billy, who visited in June 2006: I noticed it has been redecorated and redesigned. However where had all the good looking guys gone? The hustlers were very few.
  • Comment by Johnny, who visited in June 2006: I've been to Drake's in Prague many times in the last few months. I think there's some confusion here regarding the status of Drake's. First of all, Drake's is not a rent boy bar. It says in your listing 'most Czech guys here are rent boys.' This is simply not true. While Drake's used to be a brothel (around 10 years ago!), it is now mainly a sex club. As for the guy who was freaked out by the fact that there are glory holes, cinema, video cabins, darkroom': Well, sorry dude, but that's what going to a sex club entails. 'Not for the faint of heart'? No, just not for prudes! Drake's is a lot of fun. It's not scary at all. The bar staff is nice and friendly, there are hot guys of all ages who frequent the place. The weekends are great, especially the Friday night cage show, which is a must for all gay visitors to Prague! They also do shows on Saturday and Sunday nights. Many of these shows feature models from William Higgins movies and the website....Hot! If you're looking for a fun, different experience in Prague with sexy guys that's not your everyday run-of-the-mill gay bar, then you should really consider giving Drake's a chance. It's a lot of fun, believe me.
  • Comment by Mark, who visited in August 2006: I don't agree with James comments at all. This is one of the best sex bars in Prague with a good labyrinth and a range of sexy guys: very cruisy. You don't have to be faint-hearted to go here, just curious and horny. A friendly place.
  • Comment by Bill, who visited in August 2006: Too many male hookers. Its ok if thats what your looking for. Bartenders are rude and nasty. They would not even call me a taxi as most clubs in Europe do. There are better places in Prague. One is called Heaven Sexshop and it is cute young guys looking for fun, not hookers. Too many male hookers. Its ok if thats what your looking for. Bartenders are rude and nasty. They would not even call me a taxi as most clubs in Europe do. There are better places in Prague. One is called Heaven Sexshop and it is cute young guys looking for fun, not hookers.
  • Comment by Evertjan, who visited in September 2006: It is great fun. I was 3 nights there with 2 times a live show with beatiful boys which you can touch a little and sm show also great.
  • Comment by Jasper, who visited in October 2006: Drakes is brilliant. Don't know what the last guy was talking about. It's OK and the boys are excellent honest and friendly.
  • Anthony wrote in May 2007: Visited Prague Oct 2006, and was at Drakes every night for a full week. The place is amazing, the staff are cute and friendly and the live shows are very erotic. Its not often you are surrounded by three naked fit lads rubbing themselves up against you! Most of the performers are rent, must admit that I had to take one of them back to my apartment for a night and it was worth every penny. I would totally recommend anybody staying in Prague should visit Drakes. I cant wait to go back.
  • David wrote in November 2007: I really don't get some of the negative feedback that's been posted about Drake's. The rent boy presence is fairly low key and they take 'no thanks' for an answer. It's free admission on Sundays between 2 and 5. There are tons of cabins and glory holes and a couple of slings and cages and a really wide selection of porn on display. The downstairs maze area is huge and is a proper maze (but maybe too dark - parts of it are pitch black). I always get off with a good selection of guys. It's a no nonsense sex club. Leave your attitude at the door and go get what you came for!
  • Serdat wrote in November 2007: I have been living in Prague since 2 years now, I go to Drakes very often. Mostly because they also have free internet there. Drakes is in general a very good location. Unfortunately their marketing strategies are fairly bad. They don't support other clubs or regular parties. If there are flyers, these will be Drakes flyers. Further they offer a sex show, special evenings with rebates etc. They have a very nice cruising area and a massive darkroom with a cage and labyrith. Nice guys.
  • Gregory wrote in December 2007: San Francisco 1975. This is how I can best describe my experience at Drakes. Prague even reminds me of SF, hilly, narrow streets, trams, a bustling city that's easily accessible via public transit. My first visit was a few years ago and nothing was going on so I 'wrote it off' of places to visit. I read on gayguide.net comments that it had improved, so checked it out on my visit this November 2007. The place has really changed. Nice bar and seating area, same darkroom areas with glory holes, but much friendlier atmosphere. I was pleasantly shocked when I came out from the darkroom area and noticed the stripper! He looked familiar! After a few minutes I realized that he was a rent boy that I had dated 3 years ago from The Escape Club! After the boys do their number upstairs down to briefs, they go to 'the dungeon' downstairs and bear it all! Drakes also has rent boys and it was a little 'lower key' than The Temple or Escape Club. Met a nice 'straight' boy from the country who was extremely pleasant and passionate! For those who make comments about being 'shocked or appalled' by this club. This is not the place for you to go. It is a sex club for gay men who like raunchy sex, or are looking for a rent boy. Not where you go and discuss the latest Madonna CD or the deal you got on your Prada Jeans!
  • Andreas wrote in January 2008: I have visited Drakes over 20 times since July 2006, and this place is very good. Only minus is the dancers. They are not cute and not sexy (I like slim guys, not oversized body builders).
  • Anthony wrote in February 2008: I visited the place on two consecutive nights and was thoroughly disappointed by my visit. First, i wanted to see strip shows. They advertise that the shows begin on Friday at 10 pm but they did not begin that Friday till 10:20 pm. The bar was sparsely populated with only about 10 people in the audience. The slave cage is advertised to begin at 10:30 pm but there was no evidence that action would begin even at 10:45 pm. The booths were being cruised by older, somewhat overweight men with little or no action. I left only to head to Escapes.
  • Bill wrote in February 2008: I always go to this place when i come to Prague every year. It's always fun. It's the best place to go if you just want to hookup with some cute czech guys and want to cut to the chase and not spend hours and hours in some bar hoping to meet someone. You can play there and also not risk taking some strange guy back to your hotel.
  • Ricky wrote in April 2008: I go to Prague as often as I can as I am a writer, and the city gives me so much insperation as it is a Fairy tale City in more ways than one. My fave bar is Drakes to my mind the best managed and run bar in Prague. It has anything you need as well as friendly staff and careing Management. If you ask them they will gladly look after your belongings and even your wallet without a problem. I make it a point to give them my valuables behind the bar, just for peace of mind in case I get drunk, but being a nice boy I try not to. I have never had a problem, but one should always axpect the unexpected that is just common sense. I say if you do not visit Drakes a few times, of course as you never know? then you have not experienced Praha to its fullest. Take the advice of a traveller whose real home is the World, hope you enjoy, I shall be back in Prague next week and will and I will let you know how it was.
  • Greg wrote in April 2008: just had a fabulous weekend in this great establishment. Can recommend to anyone. Staff customers shows all brilliant.
  • Vincent wrote in July 2008: I visited here on Friday night. The strip show as advertised as starting at 10 but did not start until 11. None of the strippers were Czech and they did not remove their underwear. It was kind of boring. The strippers appeared to be African or Asian and some of them were very short and fat.
  • Munky wrote in August 2008: Visited June 2008. Wow, what a super place, nice normal bar area upstairs, darkroom areas also upstair, but downstairs a superb dungeon. Its a huge area with cage, cabins, light relaxing areas and pitch black areas! Its like going into a secret service interegation area! Unfortunately the night we visited it was very quiet and hardly anyone there, but when its busy it must be a riot!
  • Kevin wrote in September 2008: Visited there a few times and met the delightful Peter, a waiter, who was the best looking guy ever, thanks for the memories. Drakes can be a bit of both, yes I had my money stolen once but I have also met some very hot guys, so you take the good with the bad.
  • Kevin wrote in September 2008: I visited Drake's at the end of August 2008. I didn't know what to expect because all the reviews seemed to be so different. We are from California so here is an American perspective. We got there about 10pm right before they do their shows. It's basically a bar on the first level and then dark rooms on the same level through a door and a downstairs dark room as well. There were no rent boys whatsoever. We had to always go up to the bar to get drinks which we're not that expensive. They have a show that starts at 10pm. Basically, it's just a Chippendale style strip tease where he dances to the music and slowly takes off his clothes. It took about 6 to 7 songs to get him down to his underwear and then the show was over. That dancer is replaced by another dancer who does the same exact thing. The previous dancer then goes downstairs to the dark room where they have a large cage set up in one of the rooms. The dancer is completely nude and various older men are playing with him outside the cage. We called it 'the petting zoo' since all of these older men were petting the young boy. We saw a lot of oral sex being given to the dancer as well. When the dancer upstairs is done with his 6-7 song routine they switch and the boy in the cage goes back up to do another dance and the previous dancer goes down to the stage. This happened for several hours since they only had two dancers. It was a lot of fun. We really didn't see much people in the darkrooms since there were not a lot of people at the bar. It's not scary at all, if anything I was a little board with lack of people at the bar. The architecture of the bar is the best in Prague for a gay bar. The underground rooms having vaulted brick ceilings which is a really neat thing to see. Your ticket costs 190 crowns and is good for 24 hours. The club never shuts down so you can always come back the following day. We stopped by around 8pm the next evening and it didn't cost us anything to get in but there was absolutely nobody there. They do have free Internet so that was a plus as well. I would recommend this place for a quick beer and then head out to Valentino's to go dancing since they are open until 5am.
  • Jason wrote in September 2008: I visited in December 2007. It was terrible. I am so glad I went with my boyfriend. I agree 100% with what Bill experienced in August 2006. In fact I think Bill was generous. All staff were rude and horrible. I found it all to be, a frightening place to visit and would never recommend any of my friends to go there. I would urge no one to go there.
  • Greg wrote in October 2008: Had a great time. Nice guys plenty of action. Well worth a visit. I returned 3 times. Shows at weekend were exciting.
  • Ricky wrote in April 2008: Drakes still well managed with nice staff, and they will take care of your belongings as well as your wallet without a problem and you should if you wish to visit the dark areas out the back. I always give them my valuables and have never had a problem Also a large celler that is open at night, I found it best from thursday on. Worth the small enterrance fee that is good for 24 hrs, just keep your ticket. I was there last year and had a fab time so I am here again in April 2008 and still having a fab time. Well worth a visit.
  • Chris wrote in January 2009: I visited Drake's in January 2009 and really liked it. If you like the Cuckoo's Nest in Amsterdam, you will also like Drake's. It was not as much crowded, but much cleaner. They do have some rent boys, but they are discrete and don't harras you.
  • Steven wrote in May 2009: I have visited Drakes 3 times in April 2009. Lots of action in the cabin area on the first floor and less underground where the huge darkroom is. Nice dancers; all types of men. The stuff is very friendly and nice.
  • Daniel wrote in May 2009: I visited Drake's in April 2009. I went on a Sunday night for their live show at 10pm. Entry was 200 CZK. Soft drinks were reasonable at 50 CZK. There were only about 7 customers there, so for a while I was wondering whether the show would go on? Eventually at 10:30pm the stripper came out. It was only one guy, dancing crazily on stage, for the 7 customers. He was fully clothed 50% of the time, and topless 50% of the time. You could see full nudity for no more than 5 seconds. I went downstairs to the cruise area later to have a look, and it was completely empty. Perhaps Sunday night is not the best time to go to Drake's.
  • Paul wrote in July 2009: Fabulous. Had a really great time. Most organised of all prague clubs. Great guys and great sex.
  • Tom wrote in July 2009: What a let down. Not the great place it used to be especialy when you see the manager surrounded by lovely boys in escape, not drakes. Escape is what drake used to be like.
  • Peter wrote in August 2009: I visited Drakes on a Sunday im August, 2009 and it was the boriest place ever. Staff (well, the one guy there) was nice and explained the place. The dungeon was interesting, but there were literally 5 guys there and they all looked sad. Not sure if it was because it was Sunday, but not worth at all.
  • Jamal wrote in December 2009: I visited Prague between Ist -7th Dec 2009. Drakes charges 200 Krone for 24 hours visit. Thats the rate written for foreign visitors as I have seen local gay paying less. Also prices of drink varies depending on the bar-tender and how much he wants to rip you off. First day when I visited Drakes one Coke cost me 30 crowns. Next day the same Coke was 50 crowns. Drakes has some rent boys sitting on internet. These guys are mostly druggie and want money for drugs. They are so ugly and druggie that even a curious and naive guy like me can see that are not gay and totally looking for a desperate old man for sex.
  • Thierry wrote in June 2010: I visited a few years ago. No interest visiting this place. Forgotten the train of progress. Good bye.
  • David wrote in July 2010: A few weeks ago. I simply loved the fact u can drink-eat-buy sex toys and videos and have sex in a safe and warm place without any one bothering you. Fab bar staff too. But if i own the place they would be in shorts and little on top to bring in more customers.
  • Billy wrote in August 2010: I've been going to Prague since 2006 and every visit i go to Drakes. I couldnt help but think how much better it was 3 or 4 years ago. I remember the hunky escorts who would spend time talking to you with no pressure to take advantage of their services. I remember the good looking bar staff who had a smile on their face and engaged in conversation with the visitor. The place had more of a buzz about it. Now except for Friday and Saturday, there are no customers or very few and those that occupy the bar area seem to be friends of the manager (english) with his attractive young men. You do feel as though you are invading a private party. On Saturdays the place is more lively. With 2 dancers giving shows from 10pm to 12 midnight. The use of the downstairs has gone and the dungeon is closed. Its very difficult to tell now who is rent, those that use the back room are tourists and locals. Some of the locals i wouldnt touch. Its sad to see the decline of Drakes. Its not everyones choice, but it all become very mundane and needs some energy injecting in the place and more welcoming for its visitors.
  • Sent: Friday, August 20, 2010 3:09 PM Phil wrote in August 2010: Was just what we thought it would be. Went on a Thursday night Aug 20th, 2010 and got there around 1am. The place was fairly empty. Not too many people wandering around. The barman was friendly enough, although he didn't really explain how things worked. We paid the 200 crown entrance for each of us. And he gave us free beer with that. Have no idea why. After we relaxed a bit, we went into the back room and walked around. It was a bit dark. In spots. My boyfriend and I walked around for a while. Some guy was blowing my bf. And then wanted to blow me and I let him for a while. But, after about 40 min. we had enough, and headed out. The place is easy enough to find. We suggest a taxi. Although, this city is notorious for trying to rip tourists off. The taxi on the way there was 350 crown and the one back was 120 crown. Just be careful when you get into taxi's. And have some idea what's going on. But Drakes is exactly what it's supposed to be. A bar with a backroom. If, that's not what you're looking for then stay away. It won't be for you.
  • Richard wrote in August 2010: Went there on a Friday night and not too many people in the place. Paid 200 crowns to get in and the bartender, gave us a free beer. That's because he thought we wanted Jack Daniel and Coke. Afterwards we only want to check our coat. lolol. Didn't get a chance to charge us some outrageous amount for the 2nd drink. There were some rent boys on the computers and the back room was just about empty. All of the other people there were Czech and not very friendly. This city, just doesn't like foreigners, especially Americans. You would think that in a gay bar, everyone would at least smile. Not the case. Oh well, a lot of other cities to spend my money in. Won't be coming back to Prague very soon. Too many other gay friendly places, that are indeed gay friendly.
  • David wrote in October 2010: I visited in September 2010. Drakes is a very nice little bar with great decor and a laid back atmosphere. Once you leave the bar area and go into the back video cabin area, it is more like you would expect from a general porn shop with glory holes. The downstairs basement has been closed, so now after the dancers perform on the main stage, they go into the back video area and dance on a box where they are nude. Of course, you can give a donation and feel up the goods if you want. While the bar does have some boys in there that are willing to do things for a price, never once did I feel pressured into it and frankly, they never came right out and asked. If I were their business manager, I would tell them to get off the computers and work it a bit more since some of the guys that just might like to buy could be a bit shy and won't do anything unless asked. The drinks are reasonably prices and your entry is good for 24 hours. You get free entry on Sundays, but I can't remember between which hours. I highly recommend this place for a visit and a drink.
  • Uwe wrote in October 2010: Great place. I loved it very much. The barmen are very friendly and cute, the dancers are very hot and perform with obvious enjoyment. And the back area is also nice.
  • Philip wrote in November 2010: I visited 3 times between the 1st and 5th November 2010. No problem finding it. Very nice areas and very confortable. I found it very quiet, probably because I didn't go on the weenkend. Nice darkroom and cabins. Nice barmen, specially a little blond one, very friendly and cute (would totally do him and I don't think my boyfriend would mind to join ;)
  • John wrote in November 2010: Visited November 24 & 25, 2010. First day I went there was hardly anyone there but then again it was a Weds. Bartender Jakub greeted and gave me some basic info. I was approached by the solitary rent boy in the place who was polite when I didn't respond to his hints. Second day, the place still had few people. A man who seemed like the owner was holding court in front of the bar with his harem of three or four boys who paid attention to no one but to this man and each other. Jakub was again helpful with info, but when I left the bar, I noticed on the receipt that I was charged for one extra drink I didn't have.
  • Paul wrote in May 2011: Great Great. Wish we had places like this in the USA. Friendly staff and customers, totally erotic venue.
  • Tyler wrote in May 2011: Would have to say my impression of the place was that it was old, tired, empty and disgusting looking. I think there might have been a time when the place was cool, but without question that time has passed. Do yourself a favor and just don't bother.
  • Jonas wrote in July 2011: Visited on a Saturday evening. Very quiet in the beginning but suddenly very crowded. Many young boys, probably escorts. The guys who was stripping this evening was young and slim, and thats was a nice change from the usually oversized muscle guys in theire late twenties. In the dungeon the labyrint is now rebuilt and the area is also extended so its now much bigger. All this changes was a nice surprise because Drakes havent been a very fun place to visit the last 6-8 months. And then something negative: One of the main problem at Drakes are all the advertising on the walls, and how to know whats new, whats still current and whats outdated. I have been there 2 sundays last couple of months, one in May and one in July, there were no strip show at 22 these days and no bar men in their underwear. And I havent seen any go go boys on the bar since 2007. This is just 2 examples. But in summary, Drakes as a much better place to visit now then it have been for a long period.
  • Billy wrote in September 2011: I visited in Aug 2011 and can only express disappointment. Yes there were dancers on the stage and yes they did strip off but the show was very amateurish. Even one dancer decided to change the music half way through. I think the problem that lies with Drakes is that there is a certain amount of lethargy, whether its passed down from the management I dont know or it could be that because it has existed so long, there is no need to do anything apart from stay open and serve drink. The show could be so much better and perhaps based on similar lines to that of Escape with the two dancers working together. Yes the dungeon has reopened but when you see a naked guy totally out of his comfort zone, one can only feel sorry for the guy. The place needs a shake up, the advertising is out of date and it maybe that the pictures on the website are years old and that the time has come to reintroduce them again.
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