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V Jame 8, 110 00 Praha 1 - Nove Mesto
Phone: 606111177
(Metro Muzeum and Mustek, close to Wenceslas Square; Tram 3/9/14/24-Vodickova)
Email: See Website
Web: Visit this link
Gay, Bar, Shows, Rent Boys
Basically it's a male escort club dressed up as a gay nightclub, not a club for cruising, as all the guys under the age of 25 here are looking for money. Stage, booths for sitting. Continuous strip shows and erotic shows from 10 pm. The restaurant inside Escape closed. If you want to meet gay Czechs others than prostitutes you'll not find them here but at many other places in Prague.
Daily from 9 pm until 4 am
Entrance Fee 200 CZK, No Minimum consumption, 10% service charge is added to total bill

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  • Comment by Gerald, who visited in June 2005: When I went to leave the club I was told that I must pay a 20 Euro cover charge plus pay the bar tabs for two guys that were sitting at my table. I had already bought these guys drinks that were on my drink tab and that I knew I would pay for. I argued about it and I got out of there in one piece.
  • Comment by John, who visited in August 2005: I have been visiting this club now on a regular basis for over 1 year. If you like the company or like to see attractive young boys then this is the place. There is no entrance fee and you are under no obligation to take home a boy. Although drink prices are rather high, the general opinion is that the live shows going on all night more than justify this. I have never had nor have heard of anyone having a bad experience with one of these boys as they all work for the club and value their jobs. I feel it is important that potential customers are given this information as many men come to Prague looking for younger boys and visit bad and dangerous places such as the railway station. I am always welcomed by the door staff and bar staff and have spoken to many customers over a long period of time who have always had a great time here.
  • Comment by Paul who visited in July 2005: Escape is what you'll want to do the minute you walk in, though you'll be lucky to make it out with your currency in tact. The dancer/prostitutes certainly aren't shy. And some of them are quite easy on the others. Seems to be popular among asian businessmen. If you're looking for a hooker, pick one out and take him back to the hotel before you/he rings up a sizeable bar bill. If you're not looking to buy some company, escape while you can.
  • Comment by Alfredo who visited in August 2005: Finally located the place. Went there with my partner to celebrate our 28th anniversary. Met a Canadian at the gate as we were all looking for the door. Once in, we noticed the contact was only given to those that came in as singles. Waiters were pleasant. Cross street should be given as we looked for the location both in the evening and in the day. Interesting floor shows, but absolutlely right in stating this is a place for those that are looking for younger people.
  • Comment by Jouni who visited in September 2005: Very nice place with good atmosphere and very nice guys. I booked one guy from there - no problem, he did what he promised and he did not steel my money. I can recommend.
  • Comment by Paul, who visited in October 2005: What a ripoff. If you buy someone a drink its 313 crowns. They do not tell you this until its time to pay. Given how deceptive the bar is I fear that the guys will be even worse.
  • Comment by Anton, who visited in Dezember 2005: I am from Ukraine. I came in Prague one month ago. My first club was Escape. Good place, nice boys. I go there very often. And today i will go there.
  • Comment by Billy, who visited in February 2006: I have visited this club about 3 times. Each time i have gone back I have been remembered by a couple of guys. I have bought them drinks but not to excess. Once you say no they will leave you and look for someone else. Remember they are working. If you engage in conversation, eventually the question of buying a drink will arise. However ask the waiter how much the drink will be. They will tell you. Same when you buy your own drink. Go to the bar, the barman will mark your consumption card but ask again how much it is. They will tell you and you can calculate how much you can afford to spend. Dont come out feeling put out cos you feel you've been ripped off. This night club is well known and in my opinion well run. The type of place it is is evident from the gayguides published. There should be no surprises. If young guys naked is not your scene dont go.
  • Comment by Don, who visited in June 2006: Escape is reopened after having been closed for one week due to construction. The club has a stage in the middle, and wooden booths have been replaced with comfortable black leather lounge sofa's. The lighting system is also new and eye catching.
  • Comment by Gordon, who visited in June 2006: Escape is piece of theatre with a sometimes stunning cast. If you look at the evening this way as a theatrical experience, then it's not bad value.
  • Comment by Johnny, who visited in June 2006: Um, okay, it's a rent boy bar. Prostitution is about money, if you haven't figured that out yet. The boys working in this bar are employed by the bar, to make the bar money. What this means is they're not allowed to leave with a customer until that customer has racked up a bill of 900 to 1000 CZK. If everyone just went in there, sat there until they found a boy to go home with, and didn't buy any drinks, then the place would go bankrupt in a month. Duh. Think, people. If you see a boy here you like, the most economical way to go about it is to get his phone number and try to hook up with him during the day. That way you avoid the huge bar tab at the end of the night, and just pay for his services when he's 'off duty.'
  • Comment by Stewart, who visited in June 2006: I have just returned from a lovely weekend in Praha.. I and 2 friends visited Escape on our first night there and returned on our last night (Sunday). We had a great time and were treated with respect and courtesy by both the management, barstaff and boys. It is as is stated an escort bar dressed up as a night club. But this is not a secret and as such you go there with your eyes open! The boys are there to do business and like all business you agree before hand what you will pay for. After that enjoy your evening. All the boys are very clean. I shall return!
  • Comment by John, who visited in July 2006: Just to take up the point made by Gerald who visited Escape in June 2005. Yes, I agree it comes as a bit of the shock to the system when you find you have to pick up the hefty tabs for the boys, even if you have been putting their drinks on your own tab all night. Once you know this is policy then Escape is really a nice place. The boys are fine. They are not out to rob you or harm you like the rough traders hanging out at the railway station. You can relax and feel safe if you bring a boy back with you. I've been there seven times. Once I just had a glass of coke and left after ten minutes and there was no hassle. When I went the whole hog I knew what to expect. There's no pressure put on any customer.
  • Comment by John, who visited in September 2006: I have been to Escape 22 times from March 2004 to only last week August 2006. It is a very friendly place. Very reasonable prices. Yes all the guys that dance and strip are rent boys who want your custom but there is no pressure at all from anyone for you to spend your money. I have taken over 40 guys in total back to my hotel and never had one bad experience.
  • Comment by Larry, who visited in October 2006: Pinocchio and Escape are still great if you want hot young rent boys. I can not believe anyone would not have a good time at either if that is what you want and many do in Prague. Much fun and no hassle and boys glad to go home. Escape 120 USD and Pino 90 USD.
  • Comment by Perry, who visited in September 2006: We went to Escape by mistake. It's clean and freindly. The staff are all polite and welcoming. We didnt realise what kind of place it was until we were in and a bit drunk. Still, enjoyed the shows, never felt pressured to take anyone back. I think if you wanted to hire a sexy young man then you could do worse than go here. Its just not my kind of thing.
  • Comment by Don, who visited in October 2006: This is a prostitution bar above all. I had fun there but it was expensive. After the evening was over, I had spent the equivalent of 300 USD, but that included taking out a guy and also paying a large bar bill. My friend and I were warned to check a boy's bar bill before allowing them to sit with you, but we were having too much fun to be too careful. The guys like to kiss while in the bar and the shows are very sexy which included slow dancing nude (including kissing and groping) with one of the guys (he was nude, I was not). All-in-all it was worth it, but I could have spent a lot less if I had been more careful.
  • Luis wrote in April 2007: I wonder why you only publish comments of dummy Americans who seem to be the only foreign visitors. They seem to be obsessed by money, money and more money. They just talk about how many Euros, Dollars or Koruna the place and the drinks and the boys cost. I am from Paris and found the place lots of fun, full of beautiful escorts and really friendly. A tip to those worried about their dollars: The cheapest is to stay back in Oklahoma, folks.
  • Bill wrote in December 2007: I was there in May 2007. A big rip off, excessive prices, lackluster boys. Having been there many times over the last 9 years, the quality of the boys has diminished, padded drinks are frequent and excessive drug use among the owner and his friends.
  • Franco wrote in March 2008: It is just a place where nice boys exercise their activity as escorts. Some of them dance nicely and show their bodies. Other hang around looking for clients. Nobody actually bothered me and the prices for drinks etc are OK. Pity, there is no way to have sex (not even a "quickie") on premises. If you pick up a boy, you must go elsewhere to have sex (your place, his place, a hotel...): it is not even allowed to take a boy to the gents for a quickie. Everything considered, it is fair to spend 10 or 20 Euros for a couple of drinks and the show of handsome boys dancing and teasing you.
  • Franco wrote in April 2008: I went there knowing what it was: A place for hustlers to try to find clients. No problems whatsoever. Nobody harrassed me. Few times the boys tried to sit next to me but, when told that I preferred to stay alone, they did not bother me further. You can watch nice boys stripping and playing at reasonable prices (few euros for a beer). Pity one cannot have sex on premises, not even a quicky at in the toilet. If you want to have sex, you must go elsewhere (your place or hotels the boys know). Recommended.
  • Greg wrote in April 2008: Very very expensive but nice enough. Strange and unfriendly bearded english man sitting there each night I went who was a bit off putting. I think was the owner but not a bad place to visit if you want expensive drinks and rent boys.
  • Francesco wrote in August 2008: A trap for unsuspecting tourists! Not recommended, is a club where tourists spend a lot of money. Expensive drinks. All rentboys. There are no dark room, strip show are not total! Dont go!
  • Bob wrote in July 2008: I paid the 100 CZK entrance fee and was told there was no minimum consumption. The boys were quite aggressive, which was fine with me since my purpose in visiting Escape was to locate a rentboy. Apparently the deal is that all the dancers are available as rentboys and allowed to solicit within in the club if they perform as dancers. I negotiaoted the 4000 CZK fee down to 3000 CZK for the hottest dancer to meet me at my hotel the next day, which again what I wanted to do. I'm not sure the fee was above what is normally expected but I was very satisfied with the experience.
  • Peter wrote in December 2008: Entrance is now 200 crowns. It says 100 crowns on the outside door, but on the inside door it says 200 crowns. I visited here tonight, what a bore and what a rip off. More average looking hookers than guests. Some cute guys, but nothing to blow your socks off. And asking 4000 crowns per hour to spend time off premises with you.
  • John wrote in December 2008: I was two years ago (2006) and thoroughly enjoyed the show. This time (2008) was less fun. The boys are older and more inhibited. There wasn't a show every night, only on Saturday; otherwise it just involved gogo boys gyrating in boxer shorts. Even on show night when the boxers came off the guys covered their dicks and ran offstage. It's a very pleasant evening, but it could be better. For my taste I'd prefer not to have the fag hags all over the place.
  • Mark wrote in January 2009: Escape Club is really a nice place, If you know what you are getting into. The bar staff and door staff are very nice and polite (especially Tomas!). The boys are friendly and are looking for custom, but they have no problem if you are not interested in them and they still smile and act professional.
  • Daniel wrote in May 2009: I have read so many bad stories about this place online, and I was so worried. But the concerns were unfound. I visited Escape in April 2009, and had a pleasant experience. I did not get ripped off at all. I paid 200 CZK for entry, and 45-85 per drink, no more, no less. The shows were great, including solo show, live oral sex show, and a mega strip (7 guys) show. There were about 15 customers and 15 boys there on a weeknight. Most of the boys were cute. It was a great experience and I don't find it to be a tourist trap at all.
  • James wrote in August 2009: Entrance fee is now 200 crowns. Lots of very cute and friendly bois. Two were actually fighting over me. Current prices for an hour - just oral is about 100 Euro and if you want anal it is about 175 Euro. Great show. The drinks didn't cost any more than they do at a restaurant on Wenceslas Square but you do have to watch your bois tab.
  • Peter wrote in November 2010: Nice place, boys are totally clean (both in sence of hygiene and drugs). It was a big pleasure for me to visit Escape. I will for sure visit the place next time I am in Prague.
  • James wrote in December 2010: Visited first week of December 2009. Entry fee is 200 plus drink price is very high. With the exception of one or two boys all are very skinny and on drugs. Boys start from 5000 crowns and end with 3000 crowns, but most of them are player. After drinking too many drinks with clients' money, they are useless in bed. Best club is Temple and there too its better to exchange number and call that boy during daytime when he is not drunk.
  • Felix wrote in January 2010: Escape is wonderful, good prices, is better if you bring cash; great service, incredible boys, friendly admosphere and good mood in every thing. Ask for a private show!
  • David wrote in June 2010: June 1-14, 2010. Escape has improved from previous years. First of all, Escape now has a greatly improved web site, where people can write comments (which I did). Second, the new manager, an American, is pleasant and better than the former manager. Third, Escape now has all-nude shows. Fourth, Escape offers 50% discounts on both the entry fee (200 CZK minus 50%) and drinks; the discount coupons can be obtained from its web site. However, during my visits, the club had considerably fewer dancers (7) during weekedays than on weekends.
  • Many Lopez wrote in July 2010: I was there just recently June 2010. This is my third time, and always have good time. Most of the Boys are cute, some of them really cute. Prices are OK (entrance still 200 CZK). Shows are good. They continue with solo, couple and mega shows. On weekends you have also the body paint. Prices on boys vary and you'll have to negotiate. Also be carefull with your boy's tab as the boy can not leave until 1 am. Anyway, the place is good, nice and clean. I like it there and always enjoyed it.
  • Joe wrote in July 2010: I visited Escape in June 2010 and went for 4 nights. I loved it, the staff and the boys were very friendly and the shows were excellent. The prices were ok and i am going back at the end of July. I can not wait to go back. I had also tried Drakes and it was empty: One dancer was ok but showed very little. The other one was just too fat to dance. The place was nearly empty. The barman was nice and friendly though.
  • Joe wrote in August 2010: Visited July 2010. I went 4 nights, Friendly welcome at door. Friendly boys. Great show. Reasonable prices. I'm going back next month.
  • Phil wrote in August 2010: Please stay away. Place is a rip off. Aug 19, 2010. We visited Escape. Based upon the recommendation of the people that we rented the apt from. It was close so we thought we'd give it a shot. The place is really for singles that want some attention from the rent boys. If you go there, with your bf they'll probably ignore you. Which for us. was perfect. It actually seems a bit depressing. Seeing all of these boys. Vying for the attention of some older man. But I guess that's how it happens in Prague. The one thing I would caution: As I've heard it always an adventure. When you have to pay your tab: When we left, the two of us, we had 1 beer on tap, and 2 drinks. And they told us the tab was 750 crowns. That's about $38. Which is impossible. But, as I've said before. This club is notorious for ripping tourists off. If you do go, and there is absolutely no reason really to go, don't be afraid to ask how much each drink is and if they don't tell you don't order the drink. Trust me. If you don't you'll get ripped off like we did.
  • Richard wrote in August 2010: August 2010. Went on the advice of a friend here in Prague and I guess if you're looking for that, it's fine. But, I thought it was rather sad seeing all of these guys vying for the attention of some older man just to get some money out of them. The entire atmosphere seemed so phony and forced. Like these guys were trying to have a good time. There was a little show when we got there. Two guys on the little stage. rubbing oil all over themselves. Interesting. But kind of lame. I was there with my bf. So didn't want any attention from the boys. And the minute they see that you're with someone they stay away. It was like you were at some restaurant. When one of the waiters brings a birthday cake over to the table and they all gather around to sing Happy Birthday. One guy put some money into the waist band of one of the boys and the entire place erupted in cheer. All of the other boys were howling and screaming. There was no entrance fee. but you do get a consumption card. And sorry to say, they ripped us off on the drinks. Charged us 700 crowns for 4 drinks. when it should have been more like 300. And if you try and argue they just start raising their voice and forget how to speak English. Very sad, commentary, that even in the gay clubs, where they would want positive feedback, they still try and rip you off. Sorry to say, this place isn't great. And try and go to one of the other clubs. Unless of course you're interested in feeling up a young Czech guy for money.
  • Joe wrote in August 2010: I visited here for 5 nights late August 2010. Good shows. Really nice boys. Friendly bar staff. Reasonable price. Definiely the best.
  • Eric wrote in September 2010: I visited the club in January of 2006. It was a great time and I still think about it, even though it is several years ago. It is located in the basement near a major shopping disctrict. There is no secret that people go there for young cute Czech boys. It seems that the blonde ones were from the Czech Republic and the dark haired ones were from Slovackia. I went there by myself around 7 p.m. I met this nice US service man that told me how everything works so that I didn't get 'ripped off' like a lot of people here are complaining about. Right away a cute boy sat with me. I didn't like him because he acted like he was working and didn't want to have fun (wasn't drinking alcohol, either...just some kind of punch) He wanted 3000 crowns, no negotiating; that was too high said my serviceman friend and I got the feeling that he wanted a quick trick. So I moved around and met some more cute boys and then around 11 pm, the cutest guy walked in. He was 6'1'', blonde, thin with blue eyes. Mind you, I am bi, not gay and married to a women but I could not believe my eyes, and only wonder when out-of-town and then I am super careful, but only paid a couple of times when in Zurich. One time I was in a rent bar in Zurich and the guy said I was so good looking that he didn't want my money; he was equally hot, too! Oh, boy, do I love the cute young european men. So I got to meet this blonde guy...turns out he does not work for the bar, but he felt obligated to the bar to have me buy a couple of rounds so they wouldn't mind him being there. This is how they pay the rent or avoid other charges. Oh, I forgot to tell you, the blonde came in with this real, real fat old man. He said the old man was going to pay him 10000 crowns. I said, you better go home with him; but you will never get another chance to be with a handsome American with a big sexy czech sausage. You will never know what it is like. This guy was so incredibly good looking, I would have left my wife, and business, and everything (maybe) for him. He had nice tight jeans on. Diesel jeans, really nice shoes and drove a BMW. He was very high in demand and made a lot of money with his regular customers that were rich and liked cute young boys. So I was able to get him to go to my hotel for 4000. He had the most incredible body I had every seen! He swan everyday and his muscles were so toned I thought I had died and gone to Heaven. He really like my tool and his was really nice, too. about 8'' uncut of course, but all czech are u/c and thick. We talked for hours and I told him I wanted to bring him back to the US. He said it was hard to get in. He told me he wanted to get out of the boy business but the money was so good, he couldn't afford to leave it. So I called him and said I wanted to visit him again, then e-mailed, but never made it over there. Then, he e-mailed me from Cancuun, Mexico and told me to visit. I didn't feel like I should because it probably would have broken up my family and I love them and they need me. But this guy was adonis from the word go and a super nice Czech. I will never forget what a super time I had at Escape for the rest of my life. I only wish that I could have my wife and family and him, too, but I know it would never have worked out that way and my family won over the boy of my dreams.
  • Russel wrote in October 2010: I am now retired but was formerly a member of the International Association of Tour Managers (IATM).Further to my comments made on Sunday 1st August, I have subsequently made contact with one of the boys who previously worked at the Escape Club and he endorsed my comments that the boys are actually encouraged by the management to get the customers to buy drinks for the boys (at inflated prices). They are paid a commission on this. The boys are not actually employed by the Club (thus the club avoids employment taxes/health insurance etc) but the boys have to make a compulsory attendance and are fined if they do not attend work or are late. They get one day off a week - but are not allowed to have Friday or Saturday free. No small wonder that the dancing is lack lustre. Does this sound the sort of Club that you want to advertise in your guide. I think not.
  • Joe wrote in October 2010: I have visited twice this year and i am going back next month. Does Russell not realise that Escape is a business? Of course they are trying to make money. Thats what a business does. The man is a fool. Does he think it is a charity? Escape is a quality place with quality boys of course you pay more. If you want cheap boys at cheap prices then go somewhere else. Escape is a fabulous place with really nice boys and friendly staff. If you want bad quality then go somewhere else. Ii am coming all the way from England for the third time in the last 3 months just to go to Escape. It is brilliant. And remember, Russell: The boys do not have to work here if they do not want to. So stop trying to make it sound like they are in prison. If they are not happy they can leave.
  • Adonis wrote in October 2010: I visited this place in October. Its a fabulous place. I visited several other places in Prague nothing is even close to this. All the boys are young, cute and good looking. The place will charge money for drinks for you and boys who sit with you, so What? after all they have to run a business. I had very good time with one of the boys. I would certainly recommend everyone to visit, take boys out and I can assure you will have a fantastic time.
  • Joe wrote in November 2010: I have visited Escape from 14th to 18th November 2010 for the 3rd time since July. The drinks may be a bit more expensive but worth paying the extra money. The club is clean, safe and the boys and staff are very friendly.
  • James wrote in March 2011: I have a feeling a lot of the bad reviews here are from people looking for a gay club but too lazy to leave the tourist area, so they go to Escape (the only gay 'club' in the center The main ones are just outside in Vinorhady, about a ten minute walk away). I've been to this place a few times over the years, though my last visit was a few months ago, so details may be off. They do charge a cover (I think it was 200 crowns, about 8 euros), which is fairly reasonable. If you go in the summer (high tourist season), there are PLENTY of very cute young guys working there, though in winter it's a bit thin, on both boys and customers, which feels a bit weird to begin with, and to be honest the quality isn't so good in winter - many of the boys are kinda ugly. Drinks are much more than you would normally pay in Prague, but still, like 4 or 5 euros (100-125Kc) for a beer is still quite cheap with European standards for a nightclub. I'm only 30, and fairly attractive, just like younger guys, so usually when I go there, none of the hotter guys come up to me, as they see I'm not a rich business man etc. So they don't bother - you really need to be outgoing to get the cuter ones, though the ugly ones will be all over you if you don't. The one boy I did hire, who was super hot so I paid his fee without negotiating, ended up seeing a few times afterwards (for free! :-P) before I left. He didn't like working there, but the money was good while he was going to school, and he had a high sex drive so it was a way for him to deal with that and not spend time looking for it elsewhere. He only worked 2 nights per week, not 6, and didn't pay anything to the club or anything like that. Despite it attracting cute young boys, I would agree that the atmosphere overall is a bit cheesy and uninteresting and forced - if anything, the stupid shows and gogo dances that they force them to do make them less attractive - sometimes you see a hot guy, but then he tries to dance and be sexy and it just looks dumb and embarassing for him - they should just have less shows/dances, and have them walking around in underwear or something instead. Anyway, especially in winter, I would suggest Temple instead, which is more like a hustler bar instead of a 'cabaret' bar, and just feels more comfortable and less pressure. There are a lot of cute guys there of all types, more street hustler type and definitely cheaper, but at the same time, be careful. It's more difficult to get to, but a taxi ride costs less than the difference in drink prices, and you can get a boy for the same price Escape will suck out of you paying for cover, a couple drinks, a couple drinks for the boys, tips for 'shows' etc... And then the escort fee on top of that.
  • Alex visited in May 2011: I went three nights running (Mon, Tues and Wed) and loved the place. It was 200 KC entry. The drinks are not cheap (85 Kc for a beer) but I was not overcharged and there was no extra service charge. All the staff and boys were very polite and friendly, some really sweet. Some would ask you to buy them a drink after chatting a while, but I mostly just said no and they were fine with that. Most of the guys here are jaw-droppingly beautiful. On Wednesday they were nearly all wearing these things they called 'love skirts', which consisted of an elastic waist band with two rectangles of silky material at the front and back, under which they were completely naked. As they took turns to dance on stage you caught tantalising glimpses of bare buttocks and cock - I was transfixed. On top of this dancing were regular strip shows and an oil show at midnight where two of the guys strip naked and rub oil all over each other. Just amazing. The going rate to take a boy back to your hotel was 2800Kc, but more for fucking. You might be able to negotiate a little less on a quiet night. I took a stunning guy back on my last night and I was not disappointed. Can't wait to visit again soon.
  • Tyler visited in May 2011: I thought the place was great. Yeah it costs a few bucks to get in a yeah the drinks are a bit pricey, but the place is without question clean, the boys are screaming hot and friendly and the place is safe. If all you want to do is watch, it won't be a problem and if you want more, well that's what the boys are there for. Enjoy and if you see what you like don't waste time in going over to say Hi. I did say Hi, the guy I thought was hottest was busy all night.
  • Brett visited in September 2011: Went 3 nights in a row (Fri, Sat, Sun) with my boyfriend. The American bartender there was very friendly and talkative, made us feel very welcome and comfortable. Since we are a couple (and young), no boys approached us. Until late Sunday night, when the boys far outnumbered the customers. Then we had two boys vying for our attention and offering to go to our hotel with us. We declined since we didn't go there to pick anyone up, just to drink and enjoy the shows, which were fantastic IMO, especially the faux sex show where two of the hottest guys there got up on the stage, stripped each other's clothes off, made out, groped, humped, and sucked each other dicks (though neither one got hard lol). Never had a problem with the bill at the end - 200 CZK/$12 entry (free one night because we are under 25), plus drinks (roughly 100 CZK/$6 each, prices clearly listed in menu). Not sure why Americans complain about these prices; they are significantly cheaper than any club in NYC, LA, or Vegas. All in all, a great experience. Will definitely return if I ever find myself in Prague again.
  • Jamie visited in September 2011: Sub standard place that should be closed down. I can't believe that the owner is a westerner? Clearly he has a few screws loose as well. It was not busy when I went and it was a Sunday evening. They had a few old men, looking for paedophile material. Young virgins etc. This place tries to class itself as a luxury club, but it is far from luxury, the interior is shoddy and it's so dark that it tries to cover it up. The staff are shit and unwelcoming, and the boys are even worse. They try to be polite, but they are so fake and it really shows. They give you the price list and it says 85 crowns for a Smirnoff ice for example, but whatever you order, remember it is double or triple the price afterwards and they don't tell you that. I knew that was going to happen anyway. My bill came to almost 700 crowns for two Smirnoff ices, and there is a minimum consumption of 200 crowns, about 7. It cost me around 12 for two drinks. It doesn't even say why it's so much more and what is the extra charge for. This is the kind of crap that is prevalent in Russia, but should not be happening in a European country. The boys dancing is so hilarious and it is pathetic, they really do not want to dance and be up there and they do a lame job of it. There is a charge to buy a guy a drink, but they didn't ask me to buy them a drink and I didn't even bother offering, because they were so boring. None of them got me aroused, even after their strip shows. They charged me for it afterwards. The offer you a private strip show for 800 crowns, about 30 pounds and believe me you can get a hot Czech boy, who will do more than strip for around 1,500 crowns. It is a total rip off, you can't touch them and they can't touch you, it's such a joke. They say that their going rate is 120 Euros, and that is only for a blow job or handjob, and it's more if you want them to stay the night and about 200 Euros for a fuck. They work there and pay commission on clients, so the more you drink and the more they get on the side, the better it is for them. I wouldn't bother going there, because you can get a lot better online, and they will do a lot more. I told them to fuck off in the end, they were just so greedy. They just wanted more and more money, and seemed inexperienced. Max had been there for a month and wanted 120 for a blow job? Then we have Sebastian, who has been there for around 2 years and he wanted the same. These boys are pathetic no hopers and they didn't know I am a multimillionaire and went there to see if anyone was deserving of my help and maybe I could sponsor one of these poor losers, oh well guys, guess what, greed never gets you anywhere in life and you have to work hard for everything. That includes respect! Do not go here! I read all the bad reviews first and decided to see for myself. I can promise you that you will regret it! If you do decide to go, you will end up with the following, and you will be severely left out of pocket and disappointed. I've heard from my straight friends, that there are straight establishments like this, and they sounded a lot more well run, in comparison to this cess pit of inbred losers. Overpriced drinks, overpriced bad quality guys, and bad management, as well as bad service. This place needs to be closed, if these stupid old men stop going there and paying too much for these scumbags, then the manager will get a wake up call. This is not a good business. I am also beginning to think that the all the good reviews are fakes, because it really really does not match up to what I experienced there.
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