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Gay Guide Budapest
U Rudolfa   previous  |  next  
U Rudolfa
Mezibranská 3, Praha 1
Phone: +420/ 605872492 (mobile)
Email: See Website

(Metro Muzeum)
Gay, Bar
Gay beer pub. Popular with older gay czech men and their admirers.
Mondays to Fridays 2pm to 2am, Saturdays and Sundays 4pm to 2 am
No Entrance fee, No minimum consumption

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  • Comment by Dario, who visited in July 2005: I passed by and I looked in through the window. I saw a small bar and then bunch of eating tables. I don't know, it didn't look like the sort of place you could cruise and meet new people.
  • Comment by Gordon, who visited in June 2006: How can a comment based on a view from a window be valid?. Its a great place. Friendly. And great for meeting czech guys of all ages. I love it.
  • Comment by Andy, who visited in May 2006: Very friendly. Not cruise but easy to get in contact with friendly locals.
  • Comment by Jelte, who visited in August 2006: I visited 2 times. The people are not so very nice and kind to strangers and I had to pay for a old map of Gay Prague 75 CZK. I got a new one 1 Day later for 50 CZK in the Valentino.
  • Jason wrote in March 2007: I Love this place. Cheap beer. About $1-$1.50 per pint. Great relaxed vibe. Fun jukebox with a ridiculously wide variety. I played David Lee Roth, Sinatra and Linkin Park. The language barrier may be an issue, not many tourists will go here. But I met an American and that made it a lot more fun. Not a club, you sit at tables in 3 different rooms. I hear it can get rowdy, but this was an early stop for me most nights. And it's right near the museum.
  • Ken wrote in February 2008: I visited many times when I was in Praha, and had a very nice time always. It was quiet, until they got used to seeing me, but then it was like I was the 'american' and everyone wanted their picture taken with me. I loved the friendlieness and hospitality. I can't wait to return actually. Ken from Las Vegas.
  • Michael wrote in April 2008: Sort of a country and western type pub. Easy to find. Fun for a couple of beers. But very smoky and stale. Mixed crowd of men and women. Seems to be more popular with the locals than with the tourists.
  • Brit wrote in April 2008: I want to tell you a sad story about my visiting at U Rudolfa on 21st of November 2003. It was a cold evening. But after I was very cold, too. I am a norwegian lesbian, at that time I was 60 year old, but it was nothing wrong with my outlook. Slim, smart dressed and sober. I felt imidiately that they don't want me as a guest, they were very unfriendly. When I asked the bar chief polite if the lesbians weren´t welcome he aswered 'sometimes'. 'Do I have to go?' I asked. 'Yes' he said. I was so angry after, because I have been open lesbian in nearly 30 year. And I have been mobbed terribly in four of them. Earlier in my life I have been activist for homo-struggle here in Norway. So, in one way I felt I have been fighting for also this men sitting there. The next day I wrote a letter to the restaurant about this. I get rid of my anger and sadness, but it is a bad memory. I never got an answear. Ok, it is five year since, and maybe U Rudolfa is a better place at this time. I will visit Praha in May and look forward to it. Good luck with your further work!
  • Karl wrote in December 2008: We visited in Nov 2008, found it to be a friendly and comfortable bar. Easy to find with a good mix of age groups.
  • Hugh wrote in December 2008: The place is not nice at all. Waiters are rude and nasty and do not speak English at all. I do not recommend this bar for foreigners.
  • John wrote in November 2009: My friend and I visited U Rudolfa at about 6.30pm on Saturday 24th October. Whilst I quite liked the bar itself one particular barman was very rude to us and made no effort at all to be polite to two tourists who did not speak Czech. We tried to be friendly but he seemed to dislike us, and in the end thrust his hand out for us to leave him a tip. It is a shame but we will not be returning there.
  • Tim wrote in January 2010: Visited December 29th 2009. Partner and I stopped in for a beer. Seemed like a nice little beer bar. The staff was very unfriendly. Foreigners are not welcome. The only friendly person there was a pick pocket named Peter. We had been warned about the pick pockets in Prague so I only had cash on me and in my front pocket. He managed to get 2000 crowns out of my pocket with me sitting down, beside my partner. I'll give him this, he was good. Prague was beautiful but beware the locals.
  • Chris wrote in June 2011: I visited Prague in first week of June 2011. I went to u Rudolpha thinking that it would be a nice place to have beer or two. I walked down the stairs and wanted to go to toilet first. As I was waiting to get to the toilet a man in his fifties came standing in front of me and looked at me from head to toe and said nothing. I didnt say anything and he just stood there with his hands on his hips and kept staring at me. I was like what a hell is he doing. He said something in czech, i said that i was going to toilet. Then he said something that sounded like 'beer'. I said one beer. Then he left. I came from toilet, paid for the beer, sat down and after I had drank it, I left. Never witnessed anything like that in a bar. And i have been travelling quite a lot. And visited many gay bars.
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