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Cafe Cafe
Rytírská 10, 11000 Praha 1
Phone 224210597
Email: See Website
Web: Visit this link
(150 meter from metro station Mustek. Follow direction to Staromestke namesti, aka Oldtown square) Gay & Lesbian friendly, Cafe
A very hip cafe at down walk, favourite of Czech celebrites. Excellent cakes and coffee, good music, pleasant interior.
Daily 10 am til 11 pm
No entrance fee, No minimum consumption

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  • Comment by Dennis, who visited in June 2005: I've eaten there several times. The food is very good and the prices are reasonable. Great location and the outdoor dining area is great for people watching.
  • Chris wrote in December 2007: Visited the place in November 2007. Very nice place, excellent food, mixed clientele, cute waiters, reasonable prices. A place to be in Prague.
  • Fred wrote in March 2008: Cafe Cafe is for me the best place for breakfast time and for tea time. Very cool staff hype gay customer and for sure the cake are wonderful. bravo prague need a place like that.
  • Tom wrote in January 2008: I am visiting the WiFi Cafe Cafe here in Prague on a rainy day. The T shirts of the waitstaff all say 'straight friendly' in pink on the back. Felt welcome. Good cappucino and big portion of cake to enjoy while writing this. A lot of good looking friendly folks! Peace
  • Marco wrote in January 2009: This is a great cafe centrally located, very nice interiors and wide choice of salty food and cakes. Reasonable prices. Young and really cute crew, even though sometimes they are pressing you to order 'anything else' or to free the table.
  • Martyn wrote in April 2009: This is a super place with nice decor & funky music. The food is excellent, reasonably priced and good sized portions. They serve the best coffee & cakes in Prague as well as a wide choice of alcohol. The staff are friendly, hard working & good looking. We went back here several times during our stay and will recommend it to anyone. We chuckled at the waiter polo shirts which have 'straight friendly' printed on the back.
  • Bruns wrote in June 2009: Great place to people watch with outside seating in the good weather, the place to be seen! Good choice of food and great fresh juices too!
  • Denzil wrote in September 2009: I visited last night and was pleasantly surprised by the decor. It took a while to get seated as no-one was particularly interested in assisting me. I had a pretty young girl as my waiter who was the only one in the "straight friendly" polo shirt. The boy staff were cute, but evryone seemed too busy to engage in any conversation even though the cafe was only a third busy. The clientele were a mix bag of pre-theatre types and not particularly gay or attractive. Fortuantely I was able to be entertained by the videos of fashion shows for spring 2010. The mushroom risitto was the best I had tasted outside of Italy. A pleasant enough experience on the whole and I will go again but only if I happen to be passing by.
  • Denzil wrote in October 2009: Visited September 2009. I ended up visiting this place 3 times and each time was more impressed. The menu is very good and caters for all times of day. A very nice location in the heart of the city and very nice attractive (albeit unatainable) staff and ambience. Not particularly a good place to 'pick up' but worth stopping by for mid-shop re-energising.
  • Gerome wrote in March 2010: Visited Sunday 28th of March 2010. Perhaps straight friendly but absolutely not gay friendly. Clicky maybe, or closeted, even homophobic, at best trying hard. And you can't possibly play a 20 min extended version of mmm love generation (?). Otherwise as a cafe it's pretty good.
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