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Trebizskeho 4a, 12000 Praha 2, Vinohrady
Phone: 2 22 71 04 62
Email: See Website
Web: Visit this link
(Tram 11 Vinohradska Trznice stop; Metro A line Jiriho Z Podebrad)
Dance Club Gay Lesbian Dark/Backroom
Wednesdays is Czech music night, their most popular night. Absolutely packed. A cool Western style club with a high-tech decor. Long bar, seating areas, small disco, and dark-room with cubicles (go through the toilet room to access it). Very popular Thursdays until Saturdays.
Wednesdays until Sundays 8 pm until 5 am; Mondays and Tuesdays closed
No cover charge, no minimum consumption

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  • Comment by Paul, who visited in July 2005: Some nice eye candy and lots of American and European tourists. The drinks are much more expensive than they are at typical Czech bars. Small dance floor with enthusiastic twinks showing their moves. A young crowd. Not easy to have a conversation because of the noise.
  • Comment by Alberto, who vistited in October 2005: It's very nice, young environment, dance music.
  • Comment by Gerry, who visited in February 2006: Fun Bar, small dance floor but very attractive Czech guys and visitors. The bar is very crowded on the weekend. Located in very nice neighborhood, and don't let the doorman's attitude turn you off.
  • Comment by Peter, who visited in March 2006: Nice place too. It can get really crowded and the dance floor is a bit too small, skoda! But the back room is big enough. Lol. You will not leave empty handed from there. Lol. I will return.
  • Comment by Anthony, who visited in July 2006: It is a groovie little place with a good atmosphere. A small intimate bar with a small dancefloor playing popular music. Nice one!!
  • Rick wrote in November 2007: Went to Termix on a Wednesday night at 1am. Apparently the best night to go. Extremly crowded and loud and smokey. Lots of cute twinks and a mixed locals and euro crowd. Darkroom attatched to the bathroom was fun and cruisy.
  • Michael wrote in April 2008: April 2008, Friday night about 12:30am. Place was packed. Only one attendant at coatcheck, so it was frustrating having to wait over 15 minutes. Mostly younger crowd of 20's and 30's. Great music. Loud and fun. Dance floor too small for those enthusiastic twinks! Lol.
  • Sam wrote in September 2008: We went in September 2008 and walked in and walked out. The dance floor was so small, it really is just a small bar with a 8x8 dance floor to the side. If you are looking to go out to a nice club with rooms to dance I would skip this club.
  • James wrote in August 2009: I went to Termix this past Saturday night. Still no cover and the drinks were very reasonable. 30 crowns for a beer and 70 for a screwdriver. Mostly a younger local crowd with the average age being 25-35. The place was packed and the DJ was great.
  • Kai wrote in August 2009: I agree with James. TERmix was a great place to hang out for a Saturday night. Most people seemed to be younger than 30. Drinks at a very good price, the crowd was dancing to the good music mix of the DJ the whole time. Interesting location whose darkroom was neither 'occupied' nor 'necessary'. A fun place for dancing and chatting.
  • Andreas wrote in March 2010: Very bad service at the bar. They first serve Czechs and friends and ignore totaly those who stand there to get drink for 20 minutes and even more. Wondering if it is allowed to have such huge amount of people in such a small place. So u cant even move, isn't it dangerous if for example there is a fire in the place? How people can run away out up the narrow stairs in this case? And i am not sure, but i didn't see there condoms. Or just coulden't get where they were offered. I wont go there again.
  • David wrote in June 2010: I visited this place serveral times in early to mid June. It is a busy club for young guys (and some girls) on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The club gets busy after 11:30 pm and can be somewhat quiet before 11 pm.
  • Ross wrote in July 2010: I visited in July 2010. Thursdays is karaoke night, it was a bit quite but quite fun. Fridays and Saturdays do get really busy but Termix is one of my favourite places in Prague. It can be a little hard for non-locals to find, there is no big front like Valentino, just a door in a wall with a buzzer. Yes the place is small and it does get rather busy, but how much room do you need? Is it noisy? Yes, its a club! And are the drinks expensive? Not really, 70czk for Vodka and orange isn't bad! Be careful of the draft sodas though, like the coke and tonic water. I have had a few bad stomachs after drinking the coke. I stick to orange now as is out of a carton!
  • Jim wrote in October 2010: I visited September 2010. Termix is a very nice place. Very crowded and lot of younger guys. But I have also had some bad experinces with the drinks there. I really doubt they are selling original spiritus. It taste different and I have had problems with stomach and health in general after partying there 3 times now. So therefore now I am only drinking beer.
  • Ross visited August 2011: I took a French friend to visit Termix, he had never been before. The places was typically overcrowded so it is impossible to move let alone dance. While on the dancefloor we were pushed over by stupid straight girl who decided she should have more space than anyone else. Then we were pushed again by some drugged up guy who then wanted to start a fight with us, he broke my glass while I was drinking from it. We left after anothr 20 minutes and when we got outside I noticed a few gay boys hanging aroud, one peeing up against a tree. Suddenly some homophobic idiot kicked the lad violently sending him crashing through some bins and landing on his face on a car bonnet! His friends tried to protect him only to be attacked by another homophobe who was standing nearby. I told the doorman to call the Police, he told me that I had to call 158 and speak to the police. I told him that he is Czech so he speaks the language, its his club, his customers so he should call the police... My last 4 experiences with Termix have involved a stupid boy telling me I am too old for Termix (I am in my 30s) numerous aggressive gay idiots (possibly on drugs) wanting to start fights inside the club. It is too crowded, the music is always the same, drinking any mixers (coke, tonic) always makes me sick. I will not be going to Termix again for a long time.
  • Alley visited March 2012: I live in Prague for over 7 months and every Friday night I spend in this lovely club. Sometimes it is too noisy and too crowded but at least it has life in it. I made some cool friends there and I must say: you can find basically whatever you search: cheap drinks (beer only 30 kc!), friendly stuff, lots of cute boys, music is OK and the darkroom, especially Friday night after midnight is usually also full, you can pick whoever you like.
  • Aj visited July 2012: What a joke of a place, it is filled with girly, fashion victims and very young super skinny boys and their fag hags. People are rude, it's overcrowded and the drinks are bad-probably watered down-i know this is a former communist country, but they still act like stupid savage russians. I will never go back, the gay scene in prague is a joke! Budapest is much better, can't wait to visit Budapest again as Prague tries too hard to be 'modern' and they are just plain rude. I'm masculine, young and muscular and this termix and most of the other 'gay' venues in Prague leave much to be desire in terms of service and clientele.
  • Mark visited August 2012: The place at first glance looks nice and friendly but once you get into it you realize in general it is full of young arrogant czech guys including stupid their supid straight girlfriends. I have been pushed away all the night as I am not czech (thus even if I am quite good looking sporty guy). Most of the guys here do speak czech only and if you try approaching them in english they strongly reject you like idiots... never again.
  • Maniek visited November 2012: Sat night and the music is great! People around are hot, mixed people but majority are Czechs are they're very hot. Some people get horny so they do it in cubicles in the toilet. There's a darkroom too where people suck dicks/fucks kinda publicly. But not all people are up for fun, like me. Though watching them shagging is a bonus.
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