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Sauna Babylonia
Martinská 6, 11000 Praha 1
Phone: 224232304
Email: See Website
Web: Visit this link
(Metro B Narodni trída; Tram 6, 9, 18, 21, 22, 51, 54, 57, 58 Národi trida)
(listing changed 2013 June 10th)
Gay, Gym, Steam, Dry Sauna, Jucuzzi, Video, Cabins, Massage, Bar
After renovation Babylonia reopened on 5th of June 2013. Popular sauna in the center of Prague, bright and friendly. 500 squaresmeter.
Daily 2 pm til 3 am
Entrance fee: Sauna and Gym: 300 CZK. Gym: 80 CZK. Massage 1 hour 1000 CZK.

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  • Comment by Bob, who visited in 2005: I found the facility to have everything, including a younger crowd than Sauna David! Nice place with lots of action.
  • Comment by Ed, who visited in June 2006: Sauna Babylonia was a nice place. Not too big, but clean, friendly and well-run. Nice facilities and nice clientele. I would definitely go back.
  • Comment by Jeff, who visited in September 2006: The place is very good. Nice young and older people. Friendly stuff.
  • Comment by Lee, who visited in September 2006: Nice and easy to find. Push the doorbell and hey presto. Changing rooms are basic but clean, the facilities were all clean and well maintained and worked. Pleanty of cabins, a large tv room with massive clean cushions to relax on or to entertain. The sauna attracts a very international jet set. A very good looking crowd of guys in attendance. There were only a handful of older guys there. Drinks are very reasonable beer from 30 CZK. The massage for 500 CZK was very proffesional lasted an hour, strictly massage. Condoms and lube available at the counter in a help yourself pot. Only annoyance was that had to try 7 men before finding a Czech guy, but it was worth the effort.
  • Standa wrote in November 2007: Entry fee is 300 CZK and only gym cost 80 CZK. Massage is 1000 CZK all body 1 hour. Thank You very much and have a nice day! Standa - Sauna Babylonia, Prague.
  • David wrote in November 2007: Update: Admission is 300 CZK. Babylonia is as good as saunas get here in Prague, though there can be a fair amount of attitude from some of the clients. Lots of making the rounds, nose in the air, and never getting off with anyone. Hmm, can't imagine why.
  • Andrew wrote in December 2007: This is a great place! I had loads of fun. Although I find the sauna area bit dark. I cant see much. At least have a little light at cock level so I can see what I am sucking. I had one guy sucking me another stroking my nipples and another behind me. Oh fuck it was sweet! I also circled jerked with a group of young guys in their twenties. Nice mixture of young fit guys and older guys. Love to meet the young Asian boy again.
  • David wrote in January 2008: It is really the only sauna worth going to in Prague. Having said that, a lot of the Czech guys sure do put on a lot of attitude. And it's puzzling, 'cause they ain't all that.
  • David wrote in January 2008: Nice clean sauna. I visited in late afternoon. Got the impression many partons (not all) were straight. Has anyone else noticed this?
  • Peter wrote in February 2008: Nice place! I visited it several times. The last time I was very lucky 'cause after having seen a live show in the TV room were two guys did a lot of exciting things while a lot of people (like me) where playing with their dicks I found a wonderful guy and we had the chance to make love in a room! Sure I will go back there!
  • Tim wrote in Narch 2008: Visited February 2008. Easy to find, behind St. Martin's Church. No drinking fountain so ripped off by paying 6 euros for two small bottles of water. No condoms provided, which is very irresponsible, as I saw a lot of unsafe sex. Well run and very clean. Lots of men with beautiful physiques, but unfriendly. Irritatingly there was no rubber-band for my locker key, to go round my wrist.
  • Michael wrote in April 2008: Fee is now up to 300 CZK and another 50 CZK for slippers! This is a basic sauna. Clean and simple. No bells and whistles! Don't expect North America's 'steamworks'! Lol. Although it does have a well equipped gym. Lighting could be much improved in the showers. Felt like the shower hall at a public swimming pool. Very wide mix of people during my brief Sunday evening visit. From 20's to 60's. Also beware of peeping toms in the private rooms. They will peek over the tops of the walls from the adjacent rooms!
  • Paulo wrote in April 2008: Babylon is the best gay sauna ever! I made friends and lots of fuckmates. Unforgetable.
  • Vincent wrote in July 2008: The entrance fee is 300 Czech Crowns. The average wage in Prague is 75 crowns so that would explain why the sauna was empty.
  • Peter wrote in July 2008: Visited in 2008. Very nice and clean I had a quite good time! One time I was involved in a nice live show in the video room where some very nice guys were fucking each other and a lot of other people were j/o.
  • Sam wrote in September 2008: We visited Babylonia in September 2008 and it is by far the best bath house in Prague. The cost was about 300 crowns and it's located in the center of old town, right behind a really cool 16th century church. The guys seemed to be pretty good looking and it's open until 3 am on Fridays & Saturdays. They have a bar on the first level where the drinks are reasonably priced. There is a jacuzii, steam room & dry sauna on the first level and then about 12 rooms downstairs and a video viewing room. It seemed like most people showed up around 11 pm so it could be a good place to go before going out to Valentino's.
  • Chris wrote in September 2008: One of the better Saunas i've visited around Europe. Good mixed, if not young, crowd, not just full of groping old guys. sorry guys. Met a wonderful cute british sri lankan guy and had hours of fun. Highly recommended.
  • Andrew wrote in November 2008: Really nice place to go. Agree with all of the comments above, the staff are friendly, the clientele very good an the facilities are great. I'll definately go back.
  • Peter wrote in November 2008: I visited it the first time in October 2006 second time in October 2007. Both times I had there a nice time! People enough also a lot of nice guys and not for rent! The second time I was quite lucky 'cause in the TV room I had the chance to assist at a very exiting live show done by two young guys! I met after a very nice guy from Japan and I would like to meet him for a lot of times!
  • Alejandro wrote in November 2008: Nice and clean. Best time to visit it, between 5 and 7 pm (the busiest time). I found some stunning czech guys even though some of them act like rent boys. At one stage I felt in a Bel Ami film in the jacuzzy sourounded by 3 amazing boys.
  • Daniel wrote in May 2009: I visited Sauna Babylnoia during my recent trip to Prague in April 2009. It's located in Old Town, close to trams, and very easy to find. Entry is now 250 CZK but massage was 1000 CZK per hour. I went between 7-9pm on a Tuesday. I expected it to be busy after work. Unfortunately there were only fewer than 10 customers there, and most of them were older gentlemen. I am in my 30s, and there was only one guy my age there for the whole 2 hours. I did not see anyone get together at all. Perhaps I visited there at a bad time. There is a sauna, steam room, hot tub, gym, locker room on the main level, and cubicles in the basement.
  • Joe wrote in June 2009: Visited June 2009. Easy to find. Cant miss the rainbow colours on door. Cost 250 CZK to get in. Nice bar. Clean. Not overly chatty by the owners. I went at 18:30. Quite busy. No signs of rent boys as one previous commenter made. There were three other guys though who eyed everyone up and kept stealing your catch! Real prissy queens they were. Dunno what's wrong with the Czechs but they aren't overly friendly are they? Not in here they weren't. Maybe language barrier! Anyway, didn't manage to properly cop off as was disturbed continuously by the prissies. When one put his hand on me, I politley removed it and he got the real hump and stormed off!
  • Bruns wrote in June 2009: June 2009. Everything we needed to have a good time! Nice and big, mix of local and tourists, we both had fun! Recommend it!
  • Rainer wrote in July 2009: Great Place to go! Very friendly Staff, nice international guests. Had a very good time there for two stays on two days in Prague in July 2009. If going to Prague please visit, because it is really good to make local and international deep contacts there ;-)
  • Patrick wrote in July 2009: I find it a pleasant sauna with an interesting crowd. Even the staffs are hot. It's clean in this place so that is a big plus. The beer is really cheap. Most of the men in there are waiting for action. Some may need extra courage before entering a cabin. I was there 4 days in a row, weekdays and weekends. Weekdays are pleasant if you like a bit of calm. After all, it's quality that matters, not quantity. On saturday, the place is packed and there are so many to choose from. There is internet but don't expect to get to use it during the weekends as some local clientele will be stuck to the computer for hours, believe me.
  • Denzil wrote in October 2009: Visited September 2009. I visited this place on a Thursday evening and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of sexy talent and eye candy. One of the nicest saunas I have ever been to. Clean and well laid out with sex areas nicely separated from actual spa area. Great choice of steam, swedish or jacuzzi and I personally like the open plan showers that allow the occasional 'sneak peek' at new arrivals or hot boyz. I had a fantastic evening with a variety of sexy, hot guyz and send a special thanks to one of the staff who saw that my evening ended with more than I could have hoped for. On the whole, no attitude, only 1 rent boy (who was very respectful when I explained that I did not want to pay for sex) and clean surroundings. Good stuff (ing).
  • Vas wrote in July 2010: I visited in October 2005 (5 years ago). Pretty nice and clean sauna, with good mix of people. But they overcharged us after paying for some drinks. Very money greedy.
  • Andrew visited in November 2010: 'This is a great sauna. The sauna and the steam room were very hot and most of the action took place in the steam room. The only down points were that the jacuzzi was not particularly hot and the sauna did not supply condoms or lube!
  • Anthony visited in May 2011: Sunday night 1-May-2011 at appr 12 midnight. Absolutely disgusting attitude of staff, refused entry due to them deeming that it was a waste of money to come in on a Sunday night with only 2hours to go? Since when do staff decide what is affordable. Entry to Babylonia Sauna is price of 2 hamburgers in Australia! Idiots, would have loved to have a quite sauna and spa after walking miles thru the 'gay' areas. But my money was refused! They obviously just wanted to close early! I will never return and certainly will recommend any others not to visit due to this appalling service and attitude of staff.
  • Flavio visited in June 2011: I arrived at the sauna on a Sunday at 10pm. I asked the reception desk how many people were inside. He said he din't know. I insisted on a estimated number he said 'don't know, less than a 100'. I asked more than 20 he said 'I don't know'. I tried my look and found less then 10 people inside! Dishonest! The place is decadent. Avoid!
  • Terry visited in August 2011: People are very kind but this place is really old fashionned. The sauna is good. Steam is darkroom and quite confortable. Jaccuzy is ridiculous without anything. The room for video is comfortable but it's always the same video. The cabins are quite good as well. Caution: Everything has a price. Extra towel, slippers. No candoms, no lub are given. Also I'm not sure I'll go there again. Too time-worn.
  • William visited in November 2011: I visited Babylonia on Saturday night Nov 19th. That's not a good time to go. There were only a few older men and no cute young Czechs. The place looks run-down and the people are not very friendly.
  • Colin visited in December 2011: Don't go for a massage here. Worst ever of my life. Rude and inattentive therapist. Did not say hello or even look you in the eye.
  • Petr (Owner) wrote on 6th of June 2013: Since yesterday Sauna Babylonia is open again.
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