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Gay Guide Budapest
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Sauna Labyrinth
Pernerova 4, Praha 8
Email: See Website
Web: Visit this link
(6 minutes walk from Metro B/C Florenc and B Krizikova station; Tram 8, 24 Karlinske namesti; Night Tram 52 Karlinske namesti; Bus bus 133 135 and 207 Florenc)
Bar, Sauna, Steambath, Whirlpool, Video, Dark room, Sex shop; Cabins.
The newest gay sauna in Prague, opened in 2009. Finish sauna, Bio sauna, Relaxation cubicles, Jacuzzi with high performance massage jets, Large Turkish steam room labyrinth with aroma therapy, Steam room with aroma therapy and sea salt saturated steam, Glory holes, Private relaxation cubicles for rent. Wednesdays naked parties.
Daily 2 pm til 3 am
Entrance fee 300 CZK; Private cabin 100 CZK

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  • David wrote in September 2009: Visited August 09. I totally loved this place. Lot bigger than Babylonia, brand new and number of places to hang out. Very well attended by locals and would highly recommend.
  • Todd wrote in September 2009: This is by far the best sauna in town. Clean, staff incredibly friendly, great men, and the sauna is huge and clean. There is a great sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, and solarium downstairs and there are a lot of curves and turns upstairs. I will be coming back to this great place moving forward. If you are an American and have not been to a bath house before this is something you need to take in.
  • Jo wrote in January 2010: Visited in December 2009. This is doubtlessly one of the best saunas I've ever been to. The place is brand new, extremely clean and has a nice mix of clients. I went there twice and got lucky twice. Don't get discouraged when people say it's far. It's not far at all, plus the sauna is just a five-minute walk from the subway station. Downside: the staff speaks very little or no English (even the guy at the door). Also, you have to pay for gel (39 korunas = 1.5 ). They give you a condom for free. I am sure you won't be disappointed if you go there.
  • Tim wrote in April 2010: Visited in January 2010. This place is way out in the middle of nowhere. The locker room and the safe deposit box situation are way complicated and confusing. You get a key to the locker and a magnetic tag to enter (when you come in) and exit the locker room (when you leave). You have to read the instruction carefully to clear and select a new combination for your safe deposit box. My friend followed the instruction but his box would not open. He used his magnetic tag to exit the locker room to get help from the front desk guy. They yelled at him once they saw him. They said that the magnetic tag only works twice (to enter and to leave) and that he had to crawl under the bar to get back into the locker and meet them at the safe deposit box area. Once we met them there, the guy then pointed to the instruction and looked at us as if we were stupid. I told him that i had no problems with mine safe deposit box but my friend's would not open. Turned out someone was using his box. The guy did not even say sorry but just walked away to get my friend another box. The place was huge with three levels. Everything was clean and modern. However, there was only ten people in the place. Had no ideas how to stay in business. Anyway, would not recommend this place at all. Rude staff ruined it for us.
  • Jan wrote in October 2010: Visited October 2010. Awesome place. Is huge and the name Labyrinth fits well, as the 2nd and 3rd floor are to get lost. Wednesday after 20:00 was full, with all guy types, many tourists but also really handsome, muscular and horny Czechs. Is not really 'naked' party, as you get the smallest towel possible. I met a huge Czech guy, with amazing pecs (shaved) and arms who played with me like if I were a toy. He was so strong and hot, that he melted me away (wish to see him again). Only minus was the staff, not friendly at all but rather rude and unwellcoming. Coming back for sure!
  • Andrew visited in November 2010: 'The sauna is a few minutes walk from the tram stop but is very easy to find. It is a well maintained sauna. The sauna and steam rooms are very good. The sauna is very large and it seems very confusing to begin with. We visited on a Sunday night. It was busy with most people staying in the sauna/steam room area. Most action took place in the Turkish Bath steam rooms. There was also a lot of action going on in the jacuzzi too. I really enjoyed my evening there.'
  • Carlo wrote in February 2011: 'Nice place, more or less clean. Need to think you are in Czech Republic... Rude and dirty staff. Very few people. I will not recommend this place to anyone. Last thing: the 'nice' comments was posted by the owners? Nothing to do with what you get there.'
  • Andreas wrote in February 2011: 'I have been to the Sauna Labyrinth in January 2011 and was pretty much disappointed although the place is quite big, clean and well done. It was empty on an early Sunday evening and the staff is really rude. I had problems with my locker and the safety deposit box. They hardly speak english and give you the impression they are not interested in helping by the time they got the entrance fee. So, next time in Prague I will be back to the other steambaths Babylon and David. Not as new as the Labyrinth but a friendly and helpful staff.'
  • Leandro wrote in March 2011: 'I visited on March 2nd. The staff was extremely rude and the cubics are dirty and stinky. Not worth the 300 CZK they charge, and I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone. I had visited many saunas in many countries, and this is the worth by far, especially their rude stuff. Really bad.'
  • Stefano wrote in March 2011: 'Visited March 4th. I can only confirm what Andreas told about this place, it is quite new and clean, but it is almost constantly empty. Except for some occasional old old bird. The staff is totally unfriendly, they hardly understand/speak english and are rude, not helpful at all. I am a stubborn one and made my try the following day, different time (and during weekend, this time). Nothing has changed except the face of the attendant, but same rude unfriendly manner, no idea on how sactisfy the clientele's demanding or needings. A place to avoid until they will provide a better people, both as attendand and as clientele.'
  • Sascha wrote in March 2011: 'Last visit in March. It is a very modern, clean and spacious sauna. Well heated and everything working. I visited it several times. It should attract a lot of visitors but it is always quiet. Before it was a gay bar with very unfriendly owners.Nowadays, unfortunatedly the staff cheat you. I paid with a 1000 Crowns note and they returned for 500 Crowns. I noticed it immediatedly but they bluntly denied it. What can one do? Don't go there unless you have the exaxt amount of money ready for your spending. Probably the owner is now a Prague taxi driver.'
  • Serge visited in April 2011: Visited 4 times in 2011. I work on secondment in Prague since Jan. The place is new and mostly clean. But the staff if rude, unhelpful and I'm under impression its intentionally, esp. to foreigners. Though, I did speak to locals they said it's true as long as you're are not staff's type. I would say it' very rare taste.
  • Andy visited in July 2011: I liked this place a lot. Very clean, modern, stylish and spacious. Went there on Tuesday night 8-10 pm. Not crowded but half of the guys were very nice and approachable and approaching. Very quickly got invited to private cabin by a 26yo Arab (typically top only and straightforward) guy who was fun to play with. Went on to steam cabin (8 seats in a round small room) where a 21yo rather hunky Czech student was 'just relaxing'. He was soon replaced by a fit and tight bodied blond Czech guy who soon had a nice boner so we first wanked together and soon after moving to oral fun he suggested the 'steam labyrinth' where we were joined by two bigger 30+ guys with very heavy thick dicks. It was a lot of sucking kissing nipple play and licking balls and rimming ass in the dark steam - and the first time for me to have two very hard cocks served into my mouth at the same time. The nice thing was that my 30yo 'guide' afterwards wanted to have a chat in one of the sofas upstairs and then a drink in the bar. Before he had to go we agreed about meeting again on Sunday afternoon. After he left I met the 21yo hunk again in jacuzzi and he followed me first to the Finnish sauna and then to the steam labyrinth where he first watched me play with another guy who gave me great rimming and sucking and as the boy started jerking his dick I decided to suck him off - so I think the boy was happy with his 'relaxing' visit in sauna, too. My local guide told that late afternoons in the weekend are the busies time. The staff was not fluent in Enlish but friendly - although probably not in the American way smiley and eager. Having a week to go in Prague, I will definitely go there again.
  • Dylan visited in July 2011: I read all the negative comments above but my stubbornness wanted me to go there still, went there on a Wednesday, it was the naked party and it was great! Lots of young and cute Czech boys. Also the place is clean, modern, big, and I had no problem with the locker etc. The only thing is the sauna is actually a little tricky to find. Have also tried some other sauna in town, I have to say this is the best one.
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